How to plug a bath drain if there is no plug

We all take a shower daily. But only a long lying in the warm fragrant water will help relieve stress, distract from the daily routine.

But once again you are going to soak in a warm little water, but you can’t find a cork. What to do? You can go to the store and buy a new one. And if the shops are already closed? Do not cancel the relaxing procedure. It is necessary to connect ingenuity and make a plug from improvised materials.

What you can use for a bath instead of a cork

So, you decided to take a bath and found the cork to drain. To cope with this annoying situation, use the tools at hand. So, you may find it useful:

  1. Plastic bag. It must be clean. In the package you need to put a small piece of cloth. Please note that the size of the fabric should only slightly exceed the diameter of the drain hole. The flap must be folded several times and placed inside the polyethylene. The bag should be tied tightly and put into the drain. When you start to draw water, the makeshift plug will suck in and the water will not leak.
  2. Foil. A piece of foil needs to be folded several times and plugged into it.
  3. Glass. You will need a plastic cup, as the glass product may break. The glass must be installed in the hole, placing it upside down.
  4. Styrofoam. Cut a slice exactly to the size of the drain.
  5. Sock. The fastest and easiest way. Take one or more socks, crumple them and plug the drain. Also, a small amount of sand can be poured into the sock and wrapped with polyethylene.
  6. Sponge for washing dishes. Fold it so that it fits into the drain, then wrap it with cellophane - the plug is ready.
  7. Newspaper, paper sheet. The option is quick, but short-lived. You will need a newspaper or sheets of paper. Fold them tightly several times and place in the water outlet.

What and how to make a cork for the bath

With your own hands you can make not only a temporary plug. To do this, you do not need to purchase special materials, everything you need can be found at home or in the country. What can i use?

You can use the following:

  1. Tree. Simple but not very reliable material. Without special impregnation, the wood will begin to swell.
  2. Silicone This is a more reliable option, since silicone is not afraid of contact with liquids.
  3. Rubber. The most suitable option - the material is flexible and does not deteriorate from interaction with water. You can use the usual bottle caps.
  4. Slipper. A great option to make a plug for a drain hole from an old slipper.
  5. Kids toys. Toys in the shape of a small ball will do.

Making a drain plug:

  1. Wooden. Measure the diameter of the hole for draining the water, and then transfer the resulting size to a wooden block. Carefully cut the cylinder and sand it with sandpaper. In the upper part you can make a hole, insert a chain or any durable cord into it. In order for the obtained plug to serve you for a long time, cover it with several layers of special hydrophilic impregnation.
  2. Rubber gag. For we don’t need a few wine corks, which should be fastened together. There should be no gaps between the plugs. Otherwise, the product will begin to leak fluid.
  3. From the slipper. A rather time-consuming option, because you will need to carefully cut out a piece of the desired diameter from the shoes. After which the circle should be sanded with sandpaper.
  4. Children's ball. The toy must be cut into two halves, insert a chain, a strong lace. Then fill the product with silicone.
  5. Plastic bag. Instead of a ball, you can take a clean bag. It should also be filled with silicone, giving the desired shape. When the material is completely dry, remove it from the bag.

Important! Choose mounting silicone that is harmless to the human body.

Using these simple methods, you can make a plug for a drain hole at home. You only need to find the necessary materials and spend some time.

Watch the video: DIY drain plug works for any bath tub!! (April 2020).


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