Electrobigi: pros and cons; how to choose

Electrobigi already loved by many women. Outwardly, they do not differ from thermal products, but it is much more pleasant to use them. It is rather difficult to choose a suitable set without knowing the specific nuances. Further in the article we will try to figure out which electric blister is better.

Electric blaster firms

This market segment oversaturation is no different. It is represented by manufacturers of equipment for the beauty industry.. It’s not many who decide to launch electric motors, as the distribution of the product is still gaining momentum. However, there is no shortage of quality devices.

The most prized brands are BaByliss, Valera, Remington, Philips, Vitek, Binatone and Clatronic. Products of these companies allow you to create beautiful and strong curls that can hold the shape for a long time. One of the main disadvantages of products users consider a high price.

Attention! The main advantage of electric rollers is the speed of curling. It takes about 25-30 minutes with heating.

Terms of use

There is an opportunity to buy a set of curlers with different diameters of cylinders, which allows you to do a perm on different lengths of hair. Due to the presence of a special insulation coating on the ends of the curlers, they are considered completely safe to use.

Yet it is a more intense effect on the hair, and you can not do without special masks and balms. Therefore use electric blast daily desirable.

The main criterion when buying a product should be its safety. Worth pay attention to the presence of the function of protection against overheating, the integrity of the electric cord, the power of the heater and thermal insulation properties.

Important! Modern products have an ionization function that protects hair from harmful thermal effects, so the device is suitable even for thin and weak hair.

The best sets of electric rollers

Most often in stores you can find exactly these sets. The most popular are:

Remington KF40E Fast Curls designed for thick hair of medium length. Curls are clear, light, well-kept form. Due to thermal insulation, it is impossible to get burned, and the ionization function completely removes static electricity. Among the obvious inconveniences is the lack of on and off indication. In order not to overdo the curlers, time has to be noticed independently. Temperature adjustment is also not provided.

BaByliss PRO 3021E - a bright multi-colored set. There are 20 hairpins and removable metal brackets. Curlers quickly heat up and keep the temperature up to 15 minutes. Nice to touch and reliable in use. Even on the second day, the hairstyle has volume. The cost of this model is one of the highest.

Valera 657.01 Roll & Clip comes with the note "for professional use". All 20 pieces have a diameter of 15 mm. there is readiness indication function, and the curler ends are always cold. Thanks to the clip, fixing is much more convenient. It is better to use such curlers. for short hair, as removing them from long strands is problematic.

Big sets of curlers

Such kits fit for lovers of curls of different sizes. They can be used on any hair length. The ranking of popular kits includes the following:

Valera 605.01 Quick 24. The model consists of 24 curlers. To avoid confusion, metal brackets are painted in different colors. There are many crab clamps and studs for fixing. Many women have noted that it is difficult to achieve the desired effect on unwashed hair. The container is massive and uncomfortable to carry it with you.

BaByliss PRO BAB3031E (30 pcs.) The set is considered professional, works in two thermal modes: +73 and +87 degrees. Well puts even naughty hair. The curlers are heavy and can press down on the head. The cost of such a budget set is difficult to call.

Clatronic LV 3371 (24 pcs.) Here the electrical part is noteworthy. Despite its spaciousness, the “base” is very comfortable and has the ability to adjust the temperature. Power cord with a separate box: after use, it is automatically retracted there. Of the minuses - uncomfortable clips and the absence of "butterflies".

Small sets

Small sets prefer women with short hair. In addition, they are convenient for transportation in a travel case. Often buy the following types:

Philips HP4611. Standard set includes curlers in different sizes. There are comfortable gloves for protection against burns. Good quality at a low price. Women note an insufficient number of "crabs" and the need to buy them separately.

Vitek WINX WX-2052 BL. The set is intended for young ladies. The flat case in the form of a briefcase serves both as a box for heating and as a carrying bag. Inside installed elements that prevent overheating. For an adult woman, the kit does not fit. No function to create volume at the roots.

Binatone HR-09 - This is the smallest and easiest set from the list. The curlers heat up quickly, and their readiness is easily traced by color: they turn white from purple. Of the minuses - the lack of auto power off.

What are electric curlers better?

With the right choice, an electric pulse set will save considerable sums at beauty salons. Among the large range of each girl will be able to find the perfect set for themselves. When buying, consider the following nuances:

  • For straight hair of medium length It is worth opting for the Clatronic LV 3371. It will create soft, natural strands.
  • The most "high-speed" curlers BaByliss BAB3031E curl even long and voluminous hair. For a clear form of curls is better to choose Remington KF40E.
  • To create the basal volume suitable Babyliss PRO 3021E.
  • Thin short hair curls will create a hair rollers Valera model 657.01.
  • For unlimited reincarnations better to buy a set of Valera Quick 24.
  • Ideal gift for daughter - flexible curlers Vitek WINX.
  • If you need a compact travel modelthen fit hair curlers Binatone HR-09.

Reference! The smaller the diameter of the cylinder, the more durable it turns out waving.

At the heart of any image and style is a beautiful hairstyle. Lush curls have become a classic, and you can make them using electrobigi. Choosing a model, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer, the diameter of the curler and cost. The product range is quite large and new developments are constantly emerging.

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