7 tips for those who hate to iron

Bringing clothes in a decent condition before putting them on is a rather complicated process. If a washing machine can wash clothes easily, you will have to do ironing yourself. And there is hardly a girl who enjoys this process.

Usually this is a long and unloved activity that needs to be done regularly so that the clothes look neat. Therefore, tips on how to make ironing easy and easy are very relevant.

What do and do not need to be done with the laundry in order to iron it easily?

Ironing is a very tedious task that does not bring pleasure. Especially difficult things are with complex fabrics or overdried things with many folds, they do not want to be smoothed out. But there are a few secrets that will facilitate this process:

  • do not leave the laundry in the machine after washing (so that the clothes are easily and quickly ironed, you need to immediately remove the laundry from the drum after washing, so things will not accumulate excess moisture and will be elastic);
  • Before hanging the clothes on the dryer, you need to carefully straighten them and carefully hang them, so less wrinkles form on it;
  • Do not overdry, otherwise ironing will be almost impossible, you will have to moisten the laundry from the spray gun;
  • the ironing board can be wrapped with foil, the shiny side out, then large things, such as bedding and curtains, will be easily smoothed when exposed to only one side - thanks to the foil, the lower side will smooth out on its own;
  • to smooth wrinkles on clothes that are not amenable to normal temperature effects, you need to sprinkle a thing with water with the addition of vinegar;
  • making arrows easier with staples and clips (ideally, you need to sew the fabric with a basting seam to make it easier to iron the “arrows”);
  • Complex fabrics (velvet or velveteen things) are best ironed on a towel, so the folds are smoothed out very quickly and the fabric does not break.

Important! Be sure to follow these rules every time you wash your laundry. Then ironing will not be so burdensome and the mountain of linen can be ironed in a short time.

Tidying up large things requires special effort. Ask for help from someone at home, let them help in straightening and leveling things. So a sheet or a duvet cover will be able to stroke twice as fast.

What fabric does not require ironing?

There are products from a certain type of fabric that do not require exposure to an iron. These include, for example, the popular stretch. Denim with the addition of lycra not only stretches well, but practically does not crease.

Another example of non-creasing fabric is frote. This is a natural cotton fabric with elongated loops that resembles a fleecy fabric. It may vary in pile height or have a clipped pattern. After washing, such a fabric is quite easy to straighten.

Some mixed fabrics created specifically for sewing bed linen also have the ability to keep their shape and practically do not wrinkle. Thanks to a mixture of natural and synthetic yarns, this is a convenient and practical fabric that does not have to be ironed.

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