Useful trash. How bottle caps are processed into dentures in Europe

This is not the first year in Europe that a separate collection of waste has been adopted. This measure not only helps preserve the environment, but also solves a number of social problems. In our country, separate collection of garbage is not developed, and residents do not imagine that you can do a good deed or for waste. It seems that it’s time to learn from European countries, where they make prostheses that are vital for people or buy wheelchairs and other items with money from the collection of garbage or from materials obtained through waste recycling.

How it works?

In Russia, a separate waste collection program is only just beginning to develop, while in Europe this process has been established for quite some time. Several containers for various types of waste are installed in residential complexes. People themselves sort their waste and put it in the indicated containers.

In Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, the procedure has not been fully established. In some cities, containers are just starting to appear. People need to get used to new opportunities and understand the essence of the process.

Subsequently, the garbage collected goes to the processing plants. There it is processed and again produced in the form of various products. Typically, such products are labeled to inform the buyer that the product is made from recycled materials.

Why sort waste?

Scientists have long been sounding the alarm about the environmental situation in the world. According to experts, up to 8 million tons of garbage are thrown annually into the oceans. This leads to the mass death of marine inhabitants and worsens the situation as a whole, which slowly but surely leads to the unsuitability of the planet for the lives of people and other living creatures.

Recycling was invented by environmentalists to avoid the destruction of our planet.Most of the garbage is recycled and reused, which reduces the risk of it entering the environment.

Some countries even plan to introduce taxes and penalties for refusing to sort waste and using plastic utensils and other items. The outcome of such an initiative is not yet clear.

Why are the caps separate from the bottles?

For those who regularly sort waste, the question of why plastic bottle caps are collected separately from these same bottles often becomes an interesting question. Why can’t they be thrown into one container?

The fact is that the bottles are made of less durable and too fragile plastic, while the lids are 3-4 times thicker. This makes it possible to use them more widely after processing. For example, prostheses are made from covers.

Charity events

In a number of countries, various charitable events were held at different times. The main condition was to collect a large number of caps from plastic bottles. In turn, the proceeds from the collection of garbage went to the manufacture of prostheses for the participants in hostilities or, for example, a wheelchair for a needy child.

Most people who want to help needy children or people with disabilities do not think about whether a high-quality prosthesis will turn out from the covers or not. It costs them nothing to simply sort their waste and return the available materials for recycling.

I must say that these actions were not always successful. In some cases, such as with prostheses, people simply did not believe that simple prosthetics could make a real prosthesis for a disabled person. And this is actually so. Of course, the prosthesis will not be high-tech, but it can significantly help with the commission of daily household activities.

Therefore, separate collection of garbage is so necessary and useful. This not only helps to preserve the ecology of the planet, but also makes it possible to help needy citizens get vital apparatus and objects.

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