Why you should not sweep the floor in someone else's house

Various signs associated with the house and cleaning, passed on to us from our ancestors, who sincerely believed in them. Some of the signs, as it turned out, have a scientific justification, while others in modern realities look like silly rituals. To believe in signs in the 21st century or not is an open question. Here everyone has the right to choose their individual point of view. If you have heard at least once in your life that in no case can you sweep in someone else's house (or in your own - before you leave), and asked the logical question "why?", Then today I will tell about it in more detail. Whether to follow these rules in your life is up to you!

Why not sweep in someone else's house?

If you look at this sign from the point of view of common sense, then it will not be difficult to explain it. Cleaning in someone else's house can confuse the owners, as they may decide that they do not cope with their work. On the other hand, if you are in close and trusting relationships with these people, then help will never be superfluous. The main thing is to ask permission and wait for a positive response. And also it is worth remembering that "in a strange monastery with its charter do not go!"

Now let us turn to the mystical side of the question, which became the foundation for the birth of this sign. Our ancestors believed that cleaning in a strange house could bring misfortune, illness and quarrels to the owners of this house. The reason for this is the energy that all things save. When an outsider takes up washing dishes, taking out trash or working with a broom, then after such help, happiness, well-being and mutual understanding leave the house. It all sounds too suspicious and looks like ordinary bikes. However, in the vast world wide web you can find a lot of real stories of people who had to undergo a series of failures after their guests decided to tidy up the house.

Reference! Even if you do not believe in all these superstitions, then you should not neglect them. Your friends, relatives and acquaintances may well turn out to be superstitious people and regard such a gesture of help as a desire to harm and jinx their family. In any case, it is impolite to help someone with anything without asking.

Why not sweep before the road?

Another interesting and incomprehensible sign for many people, which has become widespread not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Why not sweep before the journey? Now let's dot the i's, dispel the fog over this issue. Our ancestors believed: if you organize a grand or small cleaning on the day of departure, then you can simply not go back home. It is all connected with the same aforementioned energy, which is stored in a thing.

Together with dust, debris and dirt, you wash your energy from home, as if cleaning it while preparing for new tenants. Because superstitious people prefer to postpone cleaning for another day, so that the trip is successful and they happily return to their homes. To the same category of superstition can be attributed the sign, according to which it is not recommended to wash your hair before the road, so as not to cause trouble.


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