Why wax the floor

For several hundred years, wax has remained one of the best means of caring for wooden flooring. And since the technology of working with materials has been simplified, and the composition of the emulsion has become better to protect the tree, the method is becoming more and more popular.

Why wax the floor

Wax is used to polish the floor, if you want to keep the beautiful appearance of the coating as long as possible. In addition, there is a protective layer of parquet, if you use oil instead of varnish. In the process of rubbing the floor, the tool allows you to seal the seams. Due to this, between the joints will not accumulate moisture and dust, and the appearance of the coating will not deteriorate.

The structure impregnates wood, creating a glossy film on its surface. The coating is thin, but resistant to defects, it is able to protect the floor from scratches and water. This composition will help give the floor shine and cleanliness, as it was after the installation of parquet.

What kind of coating to wax?

Any wooden coating can be waxed. Usually parquet is made of ash, beech, oak or conifer. The wax coating is considered better than ordinary varnish, because the mixture contains oils that do not just cover the floor, but are absorbed into it. The coating becomes durable. The advantages of using the following:

  • The floor becomes antistatic.
  • The coating is warm to the touch and not as slippery as that which is varnished.
  • Oil penetrates, protecting materials from the inside.
  • Scratches, defects, abrasions and so on are poorly visible on the floor covered with such a tool.
  • Excellent hydroprotective performance. It repels moisture, protecting the floor from mold and rot.

You can even rub the exotic woods, unlike varnish, which is not suitable for all types of wood.

How to wax the floor

Before rubbing the floor must be cleaned of debris and dust. Wax is a thick substance, and applied to the parquet with a thin layer. Then it should be left for some time, until dry. After that you can start polishing. This is done with the help of soft felt or grinding machines.

Pre-parquet washes, removes dust, dirt, debris, remove furniture items, carpets. Preparing the solution. After that, you can start work.

First you need to rub the old layer of wax, which was preserved after previous work, and only then you can use a new composition. On sale you can find oil with dyes that will allow parquet to get a completely new look. After some time, the old composition can be removed, and rubbed with new, if you want to change the shade.

Before starting work, the floors are covered with oil. And only after complete drying of the oil, such a means can be used (it usually takes 2 days). It is applied in several layers, each of which must be polished to level the surface. The advantage of the technology is that all small scratches and defects on the tree will disappear.

Polishing the floor with wax is an affordable and easy way to restore a beautiful appearance to the parquet. But the protective shell also allows you to extend the service life of coatings, protecting them from defects. The main thing - to do all the work correctly, and pick up a quality solution (read the instructions before buying).

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