Internet disappears on a laptop via wi-fi

In the information age, almost everyone uses Wi-Fi, as this tool is the most convenient way to get information. And the majority of users faced with the fact that the Internet on a laptop via wifi periodically disappears after the configuration.

What is the unstable work of connecting via Wi-Fi

  1. Low connection speed, which falls and rises during the day (usually decreases in the evening).
  2. Speed ​​changes in longer periods - it can be stable for several days, after which it begins to fall again.
  3. Connection failures devices. The device is connected only in certain places or not the first time.
  4. Communication breaks on the connected device. Manifested in a spontaneous disconnection from the Internet network and the same connection. This is often imperceptible, especially if you have not installed programs that change the status of "online" to "offline" and back when the status of the Internet connection changes (for example, Skype).
  5. Also, various problems may indicate a problem with Wi-Fi. application errorsinstalled on your laptop that require constant internet connection.

Identify the causes of the disappearance of wi-fi on a laptop

First of all, inspect the router itself: does the network connection sensor work? Inspect the connection path router through the cables to the modem, reboot the laptop, modem and router.

If none of this is allowed to find the true reason why the connection is junk, then you need to find out the "culprit", which could be the laptop itself, a router or an Internet provider. To exclude the last option dial the operator’s hotline and find out if they have missed the feed lately.

Can connect the laptop directly to the modem via cable: in the case when the connection becomes stable, it indicates that the problem is in the router or laptop.

Solution methods

If you have determined that the provider has nothing to do with it, then try to start simple possible ways solutions to this problem:

  1. Reboot the router.
  2. Reboot the laptop.
  3. Securely plug the router and laptop chargers.

If these manipulations did not lead to success - go ahead.

Problems from the router

The router can "cut the signal" for the following reasons:

Dated model. Perhaps the model of your router is just old, and it is becoming unusable. To get started, try updating the router firmware. You may need to buy a new router.

Low productivity. Check how many devices are connected to your network via your router, maybe it just slows down from a large number of devices connected to the Internet.

Technical problem. Could burn the chip, become unusable cable or adapter.

Important! Remember: you may have dropped the router or clamped it in some way on its cable earlier.

Interference in the working channelcreated by adjacent outbred networks. This problem can be solved by going to another communication channel.

Laptop problems

First, most likely cause connection loss - outdated drivers, software for correct operation of the laptop and router. Update the software on the official website of your router and update the wireless drivers on your computer.

If this is not successful, then you need to disassemble the laptop and conduct him purge: remove dust and other contaminants. Especially pay attention to the wi-fi module: it should be clean. Also check the reliability of the soldering of the module circuit. The fact is that it can be simply with a half-centimeter layer of dust, and therefore wi-fi will work at a minimum distance from the router.

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