Use of a vacuum in the kitchen

Vacuum - a device for packaging food in a plastic film with air evacuation and hermetically sealed by heating method.

What does a vacuum cleaner do

The device performs several important functions:

  • increases the shelf life of products in and outside refrigeration units;
  • reduces the risk of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator to zero;
  • saves usable space of refrigerators;
  • indispensable in the preparation of products using the su-view technology at a fixed low temperature, contributing to the preservation of the natural taste and aroma of products;
  • in conditions of high humidity is the best way to preserve the natural smell of coffee, tea, herbs, spices;
  • The best way to transport food while traveling, eliminating the possibility of leaks.

Reference! Vacuum packers can pack not only products, but also things, jewelry, and personal hygiene items.

Why a vacuum cleaner is a smart buy

Food spoilage occurs as a result of the vital activity of bacteria. The vacuum cleaner removes a useful environment for their reproduction. Bacteria die as a result of creating a vacuum - oxygen evacuation, at which all oxidative processes cease.

Buying a device is really a smart purchase for two main reasons:

  1. Packaged products last much longer, preserving their original freshness.
  2. When products are frozen in a vacuum, all nutrients and trace elements are preserved. The complete absence of ice inside preserves all the beneficial substances.

Vacuum cost

There are several types of vacuum cleaners:

  • hand held;
  • mechanical;
  • electric.

The first require the presence of plastic bags with a special valve. The air is pumped out using a hand pump. This is the cheapest type of vacuum. Mechanical devices are portable devices powered by rechargeable or finger batteries. They are designed for small-sized bags also with a special valve.

Reference! The price of models running on batteries or a battery is lower than electric, but their performance is much lower, and the cost of packages is higher than usual for vacuuming.

The cost of home electric vacuum cleaners depends on the material of manufacture, pump power, dimensions, and functions. Stainless steel devices are more expensive than plastic analogues of the same technical characteristics.

The devices may have additional capabilities: fixing the top cover, the width of the seam, the presence of a second heating element, which increases the reliability of soldering, touch control, the ability to work with vacuum caps and plugs.

Depending on the width of the sealed packages, the devices are divided into home and professional. The former work with packages up to 30 mm wide, the latter - up to 60 mm. Professional models are much more expensive. The average cost of home models is 50-150 dollars, professional - up to 500 dollars.

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