What is the touchscreen on the tablet

Most modern gadgets are equipped with a touch screen. He has already become familiar to users of the element of a variety of devices. Today, smartphones and laptops are equipped with a similar function. Especially important is the element in picking tablets.

But not everyone knows the name "touchscreen". What is it and what features does it have? What are its varieties, as well as the principle of action? All this you will learn in this article, which will definitely be useful to any tablet owner.

What is a touchscreen

Despite the fact that the name may seem complicated, those who speak English could already guess what it is. This name is derived from English words:

  • touchthat translates as "touch";
  • screen - "screen".

Simply put, this is the touch screenwhich many are accustomed to using when controlling a smartphone, tablet or some other modern gadget.

This is one of the most convenient ways to operate the device. Because users no longer have to use any external keyboard or other controls. Learning the functionality of each button is also not necessary.

IMPORTANT! To select the desired icon on the screen, just click on it. The built-in touch keyboard allows you to type any text and use emoticons or stickers.

Thus, the touchscreen is an integral part of any tablet, without which it is impossible to do.

Touchscreen Types

There are several types of screens that differ from each other in technical characteristics.

Resistive touchscreen

Is the cheapest, but nonetheless perfectly resists pollution and temperature extremes.

One of the downsides will be extreme vulnerability to any mechanical damage. That is why such a screen often fails very quickly.

Capacitive touchscreen

Though more reliable than resistive, unable to cope with exposure to water, bad weather and heavy pollution.

One of its features is using a special touch glass.

Reference! In addition to the above, there are other types of screens: infrared, projection-capacitive, induction and others. But the most common are the first two models.

The principle of the touchscreen

The principle of the touch screen depends on its specific species. But for most of them it is about the same, not counting the features inherent in each species.

Many modern gadgets have a capacitive screen. It consists of a glass panel with a special resistive material applied over it.

Due to the fact that the human body is able to conduct current, while touching the screen there is a special leak, the place of which is determined by the controller. He receives this data from the electrodes, they are located at the corners of the touch panel.

The main difference between a capacitive screen and a resistive screen lies precisely in the fact that the first requires this current, which the person transmits and human heat. Resistive touchscreen can respond to the touch of any object. These were installed in some of the older models of tablets and phones. Included with them very often was the stylus. That is a special element with which you can click on the screen.

Touch screen check

Since this is one of the most essential elements of the tablet, Touchscreen performance should be checked regularly.

Inspect it for any mechanical damageFor example, cracks. Then pay attention to command perception correctness and triggering the screen on any press.

If something is wrong, there may be several reasons for this: a sharp change in temperature, display pollution, dirt ingress and much more. In this case, it is better not to engage in amateur activities and immediately take the device for repair, where the professionals will replace the touchscreen.

Now you know what a touchscreen is on a tablet, how they are and how they differ, and also about possible malfunctions associated with this control.

Watch the video: Tablet touchscreen not responsive. Fixed (April 2020).


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