Mimo support in the router - what is it?

By purchasing a router, the user is provided with a wide range of options. However, most people are not aware of the existence of certain functions. In the written article we will analyze the purpose of mino support, and also consider its varieties.

What is this technology and what are its features?

The abbreviation implies the following phrase - multiple inputs / outputs (multiple input). In other words, it is data transmission in which multiple threads participate. Thus, the signal translates using an immediately ambiguous number of receivers.

In order for a person to understand exactly how many transmitters are involved, manufacturers have a number next to the designation in the characteristics. It must correspond to the number of equipments that are included in the work.

Attention! In addition, the described tool is a technology for implementing the transmission of several packets at once through a single channel. And with the help of such a process, it is permissible to increase the gap by a factor of more.

A router with this capability guarantees the holder an extension of the radius in which the network will operate. For gamers, the technology will be especially significant, since with it any game or program will be played not only with no inhibition, but also with high resolution.

Important! Another feature is the fact that to one wi-fi it is possible to pair several devices simultaneously.

SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO: how do they differ?

Each of them is an encoding method, but they differ in the number of users to whose address information is sent. In this way:

  • SU - single user system (single).
  • MU - multi-user system (multi).

In modern networks of the Internet, a variant is exploited in which accession to an access point is carried out with a certain sequence. So, there is a period when all available data streams go to the addressee. And while one of them is leaving, the rest are waiting for their own line.

Watch the video: TP-Link Wi-Fi Routers. What is MU-MIMO Technology? (April 2020).


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