How to check the speed of the Internet on the tablet

Often the speed of the Internet may seem minimal. To verify and verify this, there are various methods that will be discussed in a written article.

Ways to check internet speed on your tablet

There are many proven variations. Let's analyze the most common ones:

If you want to view the indicator online, you should first activate the necessary function. First you need to refer to the section under the name "system settings". Next, go to the "notification settings". There you can find the status bar. Through it, check the box next to "display the current network speed".

ATTENTION! At the end you will see the sign, which should be located in the upper corner of your equipment.

It may also be useful resource called "". The named address must be entered in the line of your browser. Then go to the first of the proposed links. There it is important to choose "internet connection speed". With a single click on the "testing" will begin the diagnosis. So, after a while the result will be displayed.

Common Applications and Websites

In the expanses of the World Wide Web, you can find a sufficient number of specialized programs and sites. Therefore, the most reliable are presented below:

  • operates in all operating systems. Thus, it is possible to enter any market, enter the name mentioned and, accordingly, reproduce the installation. After downloading, you can go directly to the start and click on "start scan". As a result, you will be displayed indicators.
  • Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite Also convenient to use, there are no extraneous options. The interaction is carried out similarly to the previous version.
  • Another assistant -Simple Speed ​​Test. Although he has fewer settings and a small attraction, his task is carried out regularly. In the values, you can change the server information, as well as specify certain details for the process. In addition, manufacturers have made sure that the history of action is preserved.
  • As for the portals, it is Through the browser, you can easily navigate to the desired tab. To activate it, press the button "Begin test". Then an automatic exploration will take place. When it ends, you will see the result.

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