How to connect an MFP to a laptop

When acquiring an MFP, it is essential to understand not only the features, but also all the acceptable principles for further interaction. So, in order to properly perform the operation, it is important to reproduce the connection, following certain recommendations. There may be several options. In the article, we will analyze the most common methods.

Popular ways

In this topic, there are two types of accession: due to wired and wireless communications. The first of them will directly require the presence of a usb wire. The general procedure is the following algorithm of actions:

  • Initially, both the computer and the printer are turned on.
  • After that, two inventions are fixed by means of a cord.
  • Then the installation of special drivers is required.

REFERENCE! To do this, you need a disk, which initially should be included in the configuration of the first of them.

  • Thanks to the provided hints, you can easily download and configure the program.
  • At the end of the list should appear the name of your own equipment. Therefore, after this, the user has the opportunity to fully exploit the invention.

Below we will analyze in detail each working alternative using the Internet.

How to connect an MFP to a laptop - wifi wireless network

In principle, the interaction of the MFP and the laptop practically does not differ from its functioning with a personal computer. However, it is worthwhile to understand that in the first case there is a probability of an action that just involves an introduction with wifi support. Indeed, this variation facilitates the process and takes less time.

ATTENTION! The presence of the ability to operate via wireless connection simultaneously on two units for this is a prerequisite.

1-way - HP Smart Install

To achieve the result, it is significant to perform the described sequence of manipulations:

  • You must first bring both devices to use by pressing the power button.
  • It’s great if your technique supports the named program. You just have to combine the included inventions and activate the function.
  • After which it will be necessary to wait a few seconds until install is installed.
  • Then you need to assign a specific way to connect, namely wifi. Due to the tips, you can reach the end of customization and start using technology.

IMPORTANT! In order to see if your equipment can communicate with this program, it is best to refer to the instructions. It usually looks like this:

2-way - WPS

If the laptop and MFP guarantee wps support, then it is advisable to use a slightly different method. However, you should first verify the possibility. This is useful information sheet - for the printer, and for the router - the back side of the surface. If there is an icon (a circle formed by arrows) and a code for connecting, then you can proceed to the main part of the procedure. It consists of the following points:

  • Directly on the router, you need to activate the described ability. To do this, there is a button, respectively, you must click on it.

REFERENCE! After that, a signal should form on the indicator.

  • The same product should be found on the MFP. With its help, you must also turn on the unit.
  • Now it remains to wait a while until the connection is completed.

ATTENTION! It may be that the details presented are not. In this case, turning to another option would be the best outcome:

  • Regulation is carried out due to the router interface. Thus, the user needs to go to the tab under the name Security, and then move to the “WPS Setup”. In the same place, it is important to note the “Enabled” parameter.
  • Thus, a window will appear where you will need to enter a special code.
  • Finally, MAC filtering should be eliminated.

3-way - using the connection wizard

For those who want a guaranteed and safe result, it is recommended to take into account the third method.

  • As usual, you must first turn on the printer.
  • Directly on the computer, it is important to go to the "control panel" section and click on "settings". Subsequently, select "network".
  • Now the laptop will automatically be able to find the wireless connections available at that time. As a result, you will be presented with a list from which you need to select the required SSID. For another case, you can rely on manual entry.
  • Next, you must provide a password for access (WPA or WER).

ATTENTION! It is recommended that you install specific drivers as needed.

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