Accordion door - a modern solution in the interior

Sometimes swinging doors cannot be installed: there is not enough space or they hit the furniture or walls. In this case, accordion doors will help. They are also called folding or folding. The meaning of this does not change: the product is assembled along the entire length of the doorway and takes up little space.

Accordion door: what is it

Canvases consist of individual lamellas. At the same time, their size can be easily adjusted by reducing or adding the number of sections. There is only one caveat: in large-sized products, two guides will be required - top and bottom. Otherwise, during operation, the mechanism will begin to jam.

Design advantages - low cost. For a standard doorway, there are a large number of offers with a cost of about 3-4 thousand rubles. Of course, there are more expensive ones.

Reference! The operating time is approximately 6-7 years. The most common problem is roller breakage. In low-cost products, the rollers are made of soft plastic. As a result of this, the lamellas quickly wear out and are quite “noisy”.

Design features

The accordion in its design represents compact products that save space. Lamels can be decorated with a mirror or glass inserts. Rollers are installed at the edges, which, moving along the rails, fold the structure.

If necessary, these structures can be equipped with locks. Doors are bound to have a foundation. This makes it possible to divide the structure into two parts. They are fixed in the doorway and mounted on the main panel, and rollers are mounted on the other side.

Reference! The accordion has a latch that allows you to leave the canvas open in a given position. There are products with two guides, this makes it possible to move more smoothly to the slats.

When to choose an accordion door

An accordion is an ideal solution to save space in the doorway, performing its main task, this sliding system can at least save 2 meters of space, unlike classic products.

Main advantages:

  • simple installation;
  • space saving, suitable for small apartments;
  • convenience in operation;
  • cheaper than classic counterparts;
  • Risks of drafting closed;
  • silent work.

Installation of an accordion door is a modern solution for any apartment or frequency house. This design can fulfill both a functional and aesthetic role in the interior of a room.

Watch the video: Folding Doors - how to install DIY tutorial (April 2020).


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