How to sharpen scissors at home

Scissors, like any other metal tools, become dull with time. Therefore, many people often wonder how in their own home to make sharp scissors with their own hands and not to resort to the help of craftsmen with professional equipment. We will tell about it further.

Scissors Sharpening Rules

To make sharp scissors properly, you should follow a number of simple rules that are presented below:

  1. You need to sharpen in the direction away from you, without performing forward and backward movement. Such a movement will destroy the blade.
  2. Sharpening need to be at the factory angle. Each scissors has an average of 60 or 70 degrees and this angle cannot be changed.
  3. After work, the sharpened tool must be sanded using emery paper, no matter what method of sharpening was used. Sandpaper will fix the result and eliminate minor defects that make the blade substandard.

Attention! For sharpening manicure tools, only fine-grained sandpaper should be used. Otherwise, damage to the product is possible.

What can sharpen scissors

Sharpening any type of scissors is possible with a grinding stone (bar), foil, sandpaper and a file. The easiest way to give the original look of stationery with hairdressing models than manicure. Special measures are applied to the manicure point, for example, a small bar with a small abrasive material or sandpaper with a fine-grained structure is used.

Interestingly, you can find any tool in a hardware or hardware store. It is important to remember that, despite the bluntness of the scissors blades, you can cut yourself anyway. Therefore, when working you should use protective cloth gloves and carry out all actions carefully.

How to sharpen scissors: step by step instructions

Sharpen with foil as follows:

  • Take ordinary aluminum foil and roll it up 6-8 times into halves;
  • Cut it as many times as necessary until complete sharpening.

Finding the result is simple: every time it will be easier to perform the action.

You can make a sharp tool with sandpaper by following these steps:

  • Take an abrasive 150 or 200 sandpaper.
  • With an effort to wipe the scissors on the paper so that it does not slide on the table.

Reference! You can also, like the foil, cut it as many times as needed to make the tool sharp. This is usually 20-25 actions. Approximately in the same way it is possible to make sharp scissors with a metal sponge for washing dishes.

Grinding a grinding stone is more difficult, but more effective than previous methods of sharpeners. To do this, you need to take the bar and put it on the fabric to prevent the table from slipping or deteriorating. Then slightly moisten the stone and open up the instrument to the limits. Then, in the direction away from you, start sharpening each half of the tool, without changing the factory slope. The most important thing is to do the work with utmost care so as not to harm yourself and the product.

The scissors must pass over the stone completely, otherwise the result of sharpening will be negative: they will cut the fabric with the paper in an uneven manner. Start sharpening better with a coarse-grained stone surface and finish fine-grained. Manicure tools are sharpened by the same technology. However, for their undercuts used small stone and fine-grained structure.

In general, you can sharpen such a tool for cutting paper or manicure yourself without using the services of craftsmen with professional equipment. It is enough to remember the above recommendations and instructions for action.

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