How to hang the speakers on the wall

When we listen to music or watch movies, we want the sound to be surround and high quality. It depends not only on the characteristics of the speakers themselves, but also on the method of their placement and fastening. About the last important element - fastening, we will tell in our article.

How to hang the speakers on the wall with your own hands

Fixing to the wall has several advantages. Columns can be installed to your taste and choose the elements of installation so that they become part of the system design.Before proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to draw up a drawing of the elements of the future construction. A suitable scheme can be found on the Internet.

Then, according to the model chosen, purchase the necessary parts, provide the necessary tools for operation (welding machine, drill, etc.) and fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.), prepare the adhesive mixture.

Which speaker mount to choose

Speakers vary in weight, power and size. In accordance with these parameters, you should choose the method of their installation. Depending on your technical skills, you can purchase ready-made parts of the prefabricated structure or make a mount yourself. On sale you can find various brackets and racks, their characteristics are selected according to the weight and size of the equipment. The price varies: inexpensive fasteners from Chinese manufacturers are suitable for light and small speakers, while expensive options can withstand a weight of up to 15 kg and more.Industrial hardware will not cause problems during installation. It is easily mounted and adjusted depending on the size of the sound equipment. However, its purchase can significantly hit the pocket. Before you start, you should decide on the method of attachment:

  1. With the help of brackets.
  2. On the loops.
  3. On the screws.
  4. Through the rack.

IMPORTANT. The sound parameters will depend on the chosen method. Proper installation will allow you to get high quality sound and excellent hearing.

Arm for speakers on the wall do it yourself

The advantage of this method is the ability to make fasteners for your requests. This is a reliable and durable method of mounting acoustics, convenient in small rooms.

The disadvantage is that there may be difficulties for an inexperienced user (use of welding, etc.). In many cases it is necessary to drill holes in the column housing. In a category up to 5 kilograms, light construction will suffice.

For work you will need:

  • metal corners (as an option, collapsible door hinges);
  • anchor bolts (or screws, screws);
  • DSP.

ON A NOTE. It is not necessary to use a shelf made of chipboard, however, it creates additional rigidity for fixing equipment.

Corners are sold in hardware stores, are selected by the length of the AU. The size of the chipboard is selected under the dimensions of the columns. If necessary, we carry out the preparation of corners: size adjustment, grinding, etc. We plot holes in the metal parts and in the wall, drill through them. We twist the prepared corners, then at will we install a shelf on them, fasten it.

ATTENTION. To ensure the stability and rigidity of the structure, use anchor bolts.

When using loops on each column will need 2 parts. The side with the notch is attached to the wall, the opposite side with the pin fits to the equipment. To the sound does not resonate, you must leave a gap between the wall and acoustics (up to 40 cm).

Directly the speakers themselves can be fixed in several ways:

  • with an extra corner located on top, on the one hand, it is screwed to the device case, on the other - bolted to the partition;
  • using ropes (or other elastic elements) that are attached to the wall;
  • on a glue base, fixing the acoustics to the shelf.

IMPORTANT. Columns, as a rule, are placed slightly bent forward and upside down. In this case, the sound propagation goes towards the listeners, and not into the ceiling.

For heavy products, you need a reinforced design.We select four metal pipes (two for the wall and two for the floor) under each column and join them by welding together so that they form the shape of the letter "g". There are two variants of connection with the wall:

  • anchor bolts;
  • cementing.

In the first case, we act according to the previously indicated scheme. In the second variant, deep enough and large-diameter holes are drilled in the wall, into which we insert the pipes and fill them with cement (or lead). The legs of the structure are connected to the floor using cement mortar. Wait until the mixture used hardens. Top can fasten a shelf of chipboard. If desired, paint the resulting product. Acoustics can be fixed in one of the previously mentioned ways.

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