How to print a page from the Internet on a printer

The advanced development and use of the Internet has made it possible to provide fast communication between different users. To do this, simply connect to the local communication channel and access the network. This type of interaction is very convenient and is used in almost all spheres of human activity.

Developers strive to use modern technology in all devices. For computer equipment and peripheral equipment, this issue is particularly relevant. Today we look at the network connection of the printer and how to print pages to paper online. For convenience, we consider several possible ways to select the most convenient of them.

IMPORTANT: A network printer (with Internet access) is required to provide this feature.

Sometimes in the process of working with different sites or programs there is a need to print the information on the page. In order to do this, you need to translate the format of the page into a text document or copy the desired section that you want to print. It takes a lot of time and is very uncomfortable at high work rates. There are various options for quickly entering the print status dialog box.

For beginners, this may seem like a daunting task. However, the process does not take much of your time and does not require special skills. Just follow the instructions described below for each specific method.

Printing directly from the site

There are different ways to print a page. The most convenient and simple to perform is the option of calling the print window directly on the site. However, such a function is far from everywhere, but it’s worth a try. For this method, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the required site with the information you wish to translate into the printed version.
  2. Call the print menu, there are several ways to do this.
  3. Try to find a button that says "print version", click on it. After that a document will appear with the format displayed. Then simply click on the button "print".
  4. If there is no button, you can send the page to print by pressing the Ctrl + P key or by right-clicking on any place inside the open page of the Internet and selecting the “print” option.

This method has a significant drawback. When you go to print, the format may not be the same, so you should use it only in case of urgent need or when it is important to save the text without formatting.

IMPORTANT: This option is suitable for most modern browsers. However, in some cases, such a function may be blocked by the system.


The next method is copying a piece of text or all the information. It consists in the phased implementation of the following actions:

  1. Start the computer, open the site page with the required information.
  2. Launch a text document from Microsoft office products.
  3. Copy a piece of text, to do this, select it with the mouse or using the hot buttons on the keyboard. After that, click on the "copy" button or the Ctrl + C combination. The text will fit into the clipboard for temporary storage.
  4. Transfer the information from the temporary storage to a text file by right-clicking and selecting the "paste" function. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V.
  5. Edit the fragment on the desired parameters and click on its print. Wait for the printer to load and page out.

This method allows you to change the format and customize it to any requirements. This is very convenient when working with various sources to accurately reproduce the text and give the document the desired shape. However, doing it will be somewhat more difficult and take longer.


Another possible way to quickly print a page is to create a screenshot. In this case, the whole picture will be printed (screen picture). To do this, open the browser and the desired site. After that, take a screenshot in any way possible. You can use the Alt key in conjunction with the Print Screen. At the same time, click on them to create a picture on the clipboard. After that edit it, removing unnecessary parts of the image. Paste in a text editor. After that, you will have a printout with all the data from the Internet that fell within the boundaries of the screenshot.

Text editor

As described above, you can use any of the text editors. Copy the desired section in one of the ways, transfer it for further formatting. Usually when you move from the site is copied a lot of extra advertising and unnecessary links. For the beauty and shape of the document, you must remove the extra part.

You can also change the font, highlight important areas and add illustrations as an accompaniment to textual information. You can completely change the look, while maintaining the content.

All the above methods allow you to quickly move data from any page to the print options. Depending on the importance of information and the timing of its receipt, you can choose one of the options presented.

If it’s important just to get the print version quickly, you can use the quick method. If the first place is the beauty and harmony of the text, use a text editor for deep formatting.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes a lot of built-in advertising and links to products and services are transferred from the site during fast copying. Pay attention to this, scroll through the document and delete the excess before you start printing.

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