How to enable the mouse in the BIOS

When connecting a device, it is recommended to consider all possible options. Thus, in this article we will learn about the way in which the BIOS settings will be needed.

Where are the BIOS settings

The code itself is located in a specific chip, namely in the flash-memory, which is equipped with a motherboard. Using the provided memory, you can play a BIOS update. It is important to understand that the mechanism stores all the existing configuration of PC devices. This is called CMOS memory. It is powered by a battery that is built into the motherboard. The process itself occurs only when the computer is in the on state. The product can be found close to the CMOS chip.

How to turn on and off the mouse or keyboard

To activate the functionality of the named equipment, you should understand the value of the Legacy USB Support option. With the help of it, the procedure will be carried out. Below are the basic notation:

  • To confirm support, it is recommended to click on the line with the name "enabled".
  • To provide a BIOS level, it is advisable to mark "BIOS"
  • Before the implementation of all the functionality of the operating system - "OS".
  • If you want to allow the maintenance of absolutely any equipment due to interaction with the usb interface, you will need the "all device" button.

In an extreme case, it is worth considering the opposite situation in which there is a need to disable this structure. In this aspect, similar manipulations will be needed. The difference is only in other clicks, namely:

  • To terminate the functionality at the BIOS level, you will need a "disabled" mark.
  • If your standard units are connected via a usb connector, then it is advisable to use “auto”.

ATTENTION! It may be that the user will have to leave all available connected accessories with the exception of the mouse, then the key “no mice” will undoubtedly come in handy.

Thus, in different situations there is a certain team.

Watch the video: How to Enable keyboard in BIOS. 100% working HD (January 2020).


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