The most powerful column jbl

JBL XTREME is one of the most popular columns among users. It was first shown at the IFA exhibition, held in Berlin, in 2015. This device is ideal for music lovers who love not only high-quality, but also quite powerful sound. This is possible due to the wide functionality, and the presence of a number of "bells and whistles". We will talk about them in the material below.

Appearance and design of the column

This loud model will delight compact size and low weight. Most of the body is covered with dense material. A plastic frame is hidden under it, to which the external upholstery is attached with a special glue. The remaining places are hidden under the rubberized plastic. As you can see, all ingenious is simple!

In front of the device is a metal insert, which is marked with the company logo. And in the upper part of the manufacturer placed the keys to control. Buttons for activating the column and JBL Connect options are located on a soft backing. They are highlighted in white and blue hues, and the current color depends on the option used. And the remaining buttons are stretched on a fabric-based case.

Attention! Buttons located on the speaker are not illuminated.

On the sides are iron loops, designed to fasten the strap. Thanks to this, each user will be able to hang the device on his shoulder, and go for a walk with friends with musical accompaniment, or become a DJ at his own disco.

From the back of the device there is a zipper, undoing which the user can get to the USB connectors and connect headphones. This is very convenient, because they will always be protected and not clogged if we say you decide to listen to your favorite music on the beach.

Also, the bluetooth column can be called stable and facing moisture. If it falls, for example, into the dirt, then for cleaning it will be enough to rinse the case with plain water. But, do not abuse it, because if water gets into the speakers, you will have to forget about listening to your favorite music with the help of JBL XTREME! Therefore, when washing the device should be as careful as possible.


JBL XTREME - the most powerful portable speaker. The presented model is designed to reproduce high-quality sound, and to some extent can be a full replacement for the standard system. The battery of the presented device has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which allows you to listen to your favorite music for about 15 hours. In addition, the speaker has 2 subwoofer 63 mm each, and a similar number of speakers of 35 mm. They do an excellent job of reproducing stereo sound, and allow you to connect even several speakers into one system via bluetooth to enhance the sensations of listening to music.

Along with the above, the portable JBL XTREME allows you to simultaneously charge two smartphones and has a speakerphone designed for noise suppression. And this means that the quality of the conference call will be close to the maximum mark.

It takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery, and the remaining charge will be very convenient to track on the indicators located on the back of the device.

Price segment

The above feature set was reflected in the price. It ranges from 16 to 17 thousand rubles, depending on the store. But, it is safe to say that such a cost is fully justified. After all, the capabilities of the column will definitely impress even the pickiest user. Therefore, it can be safely purchased both as a gift and for yourself, and enjoy the high-quality sound of your favorite music at any time convenient for this.

Watch the video: JBL Wireless + Portable Speakers. Boombox (December 2019).


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