The computer does not see Bluetooth headphones

All people love to listen to music, but it is much more pleasant to do it in comfortable conditions with a high-quality headset and excellent sound. In addition, an important point is the convenience of the design and connection method. More recently, all models of headphones were wired. This led to a number of problems: bending and breaking the wire, their constant tangles between themselves and the inability to move away from the computer. The developers tried to fix this flaw and invented the wireless version of the headset.

Its main advantages are ease of use, the absence of interfering wires, quick connection to any type of device and the preservation of high quality transmitted sound, like wired models. But sometimes it happens that the program fails, and the computer cannot recognize the headphones. Not many people know what to do in this case and what is the correct algorithm of actions. We will try to describe this problem in detail in our article.

There are some nuances when connecting a headset to a computer. The process of device interaction consists of several stages. At the first stage, a headset is detected on the computer. The next stage is the normal synchronization with the aim of further functioning and interaction of systems. If you encounter a problem in the first step, the cause may be the following malfunctions:

  1. The headset is turned off or discharged, so there is no connection.
  2. Power-up problems can be caused by a breakdown or mechanical damage to the headset.
  3. Damage to microchips and boards due to water ingress - even with external integrity, the operation of such a technique is impossible.
  4. Viral infection of Windows.
  5. Headphones are too far from the computer. This is especially important when you first try to connect. Keep your devices as close as possible.
  6. The search and discovery button located on the chassis is disabled.
  7. The lack of drivers for the equipment. Not the most common reason, but it can also lead to the fact that the headset is invisible to the computer.
  8. Bluetooth adapter not installed. Especially typical for older models that are not equipped with this system. Without an adapter, the computer will not be able to search, because there will be no program for this.

IMPORTANT! There may also be other serious causes of malfunctions. While maintaining the warranty card, it is possible to contact the service center and conduct free device diagnostics. In this case, do not repair the headphones yourself, otherwise the warranty will be void.

The detection of the headphones by the Bluetooth system is one of the main working conditions, but, besides this, it is necessary to ensure synchronization. In the case when the computer has detected a headset, but does not provide a connection with it, operation will not be carried out. In this case, we are talking about another problem. There are various reasons for this phenomenon, usually they are associated with the following violations in the functioning of the system:

  1. Failure to detect or connect. Sometimes the bluetooth system requires a second search and synchronization. You need to wait a few minutes.
  2. Virus infection of the program can lead to a malfunction in connecting not only headphones, but also other devices.
  3. Connection settings were lost during the installation of a new version of the software or reboot.
  4. Incorrectly configured way to output sound and pairing with a headset.
  5. Previously, another device was used, which remained in the computer's memory, and it automatically selects it.

If, with a thorough diagnosis, you were able to identify the source of the malfunction, you can proceed with repair and troubleshooting.

IMPORTANT! If the headphone model is outdated, system damage may occur. In this case, it is better to purchase a new version with improved features. Find out in advance the parameters and how to connect new equipment.

Solving the problem of connecting wireless headphones

Depending on the cause of the lack of connection, the approach to eliminating it will be different. If the reason is a bad signal, incorrect connection and connection to the power source, you can fix it yourself without special instructions. Consider the most common and complex cases of malfunctions and how to solve them:

  1. In case of serious damage to the external case and electronics, there are two solutions: buying a new headset or repairing it.
  2. Connection can be restored using the settings in the main menu. To do this, go to the control panel, then to devices and equipment and select the "Sound" menu. From the proposed list, click on the display of your equipment and adjust its settings and sound output parameters.
  3. In case of incorrect installation or the absence of appropriate drivers, it is necessary to completely remove the old version and reinstall them. After that, restart your computer and reconnect.
  4. If your model does not have an adapter, buy an option that connects via a USB port, in a store or via the Internet.
  5. Run an antivirus scan to eliminate malware.

Try syncing the headset with another laptop or computer. If this does not help to resume work, most likely the headphones are completely broken, repair will not help here, it's time to look for a replacement.

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