How to connect a mouse to a computer

A computer mouse is a manipulator device with which a person interacts with a computer. Managing desktops and laptops using the mouse is very common. At the same time, despite the elementary nature of this device, there are a number of rules for it that must be observed when connecting it. Violation of them may lead to the fact that this device will not function properly.

Rules for connecting a wired mouse

The mouse may be connected to the computer using a wire, or it may be absent. This article talks about connecting the manipulator through a wire.

Note! A wireless mouse is a device in which you need to periodically change the batteries, if the current batteries run out of charge, then it will completely stop working. Of course, wired mice do not experience such problems, if they stop working, this means that it has broken.

Wired computer mice are divided into two main varieties. Some of them are equipped with a cord with a USB connector, while the rest have a PS / 2 plug. It is required to install these devices by placing the plug in the required connector.

It should be borne in mind that the PS / 2 format is currently considered obsolete. For this reason, it makes sense to acquire mice of this type only if the user knows for sure that such a connector is present on his computer device. In general, the rule is that desktops are equipped with this socket, and among laptops it is present in models that were manufactured relatively long ago.

At the same time, the USB sockets are all the same, and if the computer is equipped with the sockets of this particular type, then both the mouse, keyboard and headphones can be connected by inserting the plug into any socket. On the other hand, the PS / 2 connectors for the mouse and keyboard have the same configuration, but in this case each of the sockets is specialized. Therefore, although the plug from the mouse will enter the keyboard connector, the mouse will not work in this case. Pay attention to the color of the socket. In the standard case, the mouse is blue and the keyboard is green.

Attention! At the same time, there are combined PS / 2 jacks. They are designed to connect both a mouse and keyboard. They can be recognized as they are painted in two colors at once.

An important rule is not to press on the plug when it is inserted into the socket. If you apply excessive force to it, as a result, the leg can be damaged. If she rummages, then straightening it will be very difficult.

Finally, the most correct way to install a mouse is to shut down the computer device first. This rule may seem redundant, and in practice, users connect the manipulator without this precaution. But experts recommend not neglecting such a recommendation

Connection problems and troubleshooting

Problems when connecting a wired mouse to the PS / 2 connector are most often due to the fact that the user placed the wire plug in the wrong connector. If it is in the keyboard slot, the mouse will not work. To fix the problem, simply rearrange this device in the desired slot.

In the case when the mouse does not function, even when it was connected in the required manner, it is possible that the user initially purchased a low-quality product. Such a situation is possible when the manipulator is purchased inexpensively and in a store that does not have an established reputation. It is also worth bearing in mind that inexpensive mice tend to break faster.

Connecting a mouse with a wire to a computer: step by step

This operation is generally quite simple and takes a minimum of time. The step-by-step procedure for connecting a wired mouse equipped with a USB cable to a computer device includes the following steps:

  1. First of all, it is advisable to turn off the desktop or laptop.
  2. Then the plug is inserted into one of the USB connectors, on the computer they can be on the front panel, and on the laptop on the side.
  3. After this, the computer must be turned on and wait until it boots up.
  4. Next, the operating system installed the drivers that are required for the normal functioning of the mouse.
  5. After that, a message will be displayed on the screen that the mouse is connected to the computer device. The user will need to click on this message OK, and then he will be able to use this mouse.

Note! Mouse drivers in the operating system are present by default. For this reason, the user will not need to install any software for this manipulator on his computer or laptop.

In general, with minimal care, problems with connecting the mouse should not arise.

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