Bamboo silk rugs what is it

Bamboo fiber carpets are considered environmentally friendly interior decorations that are ideal for people prone to allergic reactions. They do not cause undesirable consequences for the sensitive inhabitants of the apartment, they do not irritate the mucous membranes, and at the same time they look very presentable and expensive. Proper processing gives the fibers an extraordinary sheen, making them look like silk.

Bamboo silk

This type of material is produced from bamboo cellulose with the addition of special enzymes that make the material look like silk. At the same time, the production process is completely without the use of chemical elements, which allows us to consider these mats the most natural and environmentally friendly of all artificial models.

Bamboo carpets have a fleecy structure and can vary in pile length:

  • short (an excellent option for the often walked corridor in the apartment, it does not require careful maintenance and is easy to clean);
  • medium (a wonderful choice for a nursery, soft and not too troublesome in terms of cleaning);
  • long (requires serious care and attention, ideal for the bedroom).

Important! It is worthwhile to clearly understand the rules for caring for the product before buying it, and also take into account the properties of the material before choosing the room where this carpet will be located.

What are the advantages of carpets from this material?

The main advantage of bamboo silk carpets is their environmental friendliness and safety. They do not harm people with a sensitive organism, do not irritate the mucous membranes, and do not cause allergies. All this can be achieved through the use of materials made from natural raw materials, without the use of synthetic additives. In addition, such material practically does not melt and does not burn, ensuring safety for all households.

Important! All the advantages of this type of material are reflected in the price of products. Carpets are quite expensive, not everyone can afford such a purchase.

Short pile products are easy to clean and always look presentable. Long-pile carpets require more careful and gentle care, but its external qualities are worth it to endure such inconvenience. The bamboo carpet perfectly complements the interior of any room.

The cost of the product is approximate

The price of products varies from size, pattern and country of manufacture. The most popular and valuable carpets from Belgium are considered. Experienced craftsmen create real masterpieces from bamboo fiber.

The cost of one small carpet can be in the range from 10 to 15 thousand rubles. A larger carpet, for example 200x300 cm, will cost 50-60 thousand rubles, and exclusive carpets with an unusual ornament and large sizes will cost 100-150 thousand rubles or more. The purchase is very expensive, but for people who can afford it, it will certainly pay off with interest during operation.

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