What is a vacuum headphone

Most people find it difficult to imagine their journey in the subway or bus home, to work or to study without music or an audiobook. Vacuum headphones - a gadget that provides maximum convenience and comfort, occupying a minimum of space in a backpack or pocket.

Vacuum Headphones: Features

The main feature of this type of headphones is the name itself - the concept of "vacuum" reflect the principle and mechanism of operation of the device. The nozzle of the earplugs is adjacent to the inner surface of the ear, which creates a tightness and the absence of air. The device resembles earplugs due to its similar location in the ear canal. The closedness of the in-ear headphones contributes to a special sound - this isolation significantly increases the sound frequency range. The sound quality of most even low-cost devices is quite high.

Different models differ in the frequency range, nozzle material, power, mounts, etc. The minus of the device lies in some limitations of the sounds of the upper frequency range among low-cost models.

When to choose a vacuum headset

Intra-channel models are suitable for those who want to limit themselves to the maximum in busy places from the noise of the outside world and immerse themselves in their favorite music.

When buying, you should pay attention to such points:

  • individual anatomy of the auricles - in some cases, incorrectly selected models can cause discomfort;
  • cable length - a too long wire will most likely be uncomfortable, as it will not allow you to comfortably hang the device around your neck or put it in your breast pocket;
  • liner material, wire shape;
  • sound characteristics - sensitivity, frequency range and resistance;
  • the presence or absence of a headset and microphone for talking on a mobile phone.

Benefits of Vacuum Headphones

Among the advantages of vacuum headphones should be emphasized:

  • Compactness and small size - even fit in a phone case.
  • A variety of models and design - today even wireless in-ear liners are in use.
  • Universal - equipped with a standard connector and can connect to most gadgets - players, smartphones, PCs, etc.
  • Soundproofing is the central advantage of vacuum models.
  • High quality bass with deep bass.
  • Do not fall out during sudden movements - with such a device you can even dance or play sports.

Reference! The device does not require special care - just pay attention to how the headphones are folded in your pocket or case, so as not to damage the cable and sometimes change the earbuds, nozzles, not forgetting about hygiene.

Are vacuum earphones harmful to hearing

Vacuum plugs are too close to the eardrum in the inner part of the ear, which makes the sound loud enough and can damage your hearing. It is not recommended to use this kind of headphones for several hours continuously, as strong pressure in the ears and a loud sound can cause headaches.

Important! The device can become dangerous when used outdoors - because of the powerful soundproofing, it is possible not to notice a car passing by at high speed or other traumatic situations.

Also, with a completely hermetically sealed ear opening, ear sulfur is more actively produced, which, if hygiene rules are not followed, can lead to the development of bacterial flora on soft inserts.

To protect yourself from a number of negative consequences of using plugs, you should not abuse listening to too loud music for a long time without interruptions.

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