How to clean a carpet at home from stains

A carpet located on the floor helps to warm the room, make it more comfortable, and also gives the interior completeness. The disadvantage of such a flooring is its rapid pollution. Pile needs regular cleaning to prevent the active reproduction of microbes and bacteria within the structure. If stains of various origins occur, urgent measures must be taken to remove them. This will help preserve the appearance of the product and its positive characteristics. Both professional products and home recipes are suitable for cleaning from dirt.

The selection of a suitable cleaner should be approached with particular care. Household chemicals help to cope with many types of pollution. The disadvantage of its frequent use is the alkali content in the composition, which can adversely affect both the appearance and the internal structure of the coating. The villi may lose their natural rich color, some areas become crushed.

REFERENCE!It should be noted that professional products are suitable only for fresh spots.

Folk methods have great advantages. They are suitable for removing stubborn contaminants with minimal time and money. In addition, these options are the best choice for families with small children or allergies. However, when choosing a cleaning composition, you should consider the material and color palette of the carpet itself. Some components may adversely affect the coating, significantly impairing its appearance.

Carpet cleaning from stains of different types

When using home methods, the cleaning agent must be selected depending on the type of stain and the degree of contamination. To remove stubborn and old dirt, a different cleaning option may be required.

IMPORTANT!Before cleaning, it is recommended to check the solution on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet. This will help prevent possible damage to the carpet.

Removing coffee stains

Traces of coffee are recommended to be removed immediately. When dried, the drink may cause the pile to roll. To remove coffee, soak the area of ​​contamination with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Residues are removed with a warm soapy solution and a soft sponge. To remove the stubborn stain, glycerin is useful, which should be applied to the stain and left overnight. After the expiration date, remove the excess with soapy water.

ATTENTION!This method is useful when removing stains from tea or cocoa.

How to remove wax marks

Wax stains are not recommended to rub or moisten with soapy water. Such actions will lead to the spread of the pollution site, which will aggravate the situation. Ice is useful for elimination. Several cubes are folded into a thin bag and applied to the site. The wax itself is carefully cleaned with a rubber brush. At the end, the cleaned area can be washed with warm water.

ATTENTION!This method is useful when removing chewing gum.

Removing stains from fruits and wine

Traces of fruit and wine are among the most problematic pollution. Fruit acids negatively affect the structure and shade of the carpet. Therefore, with such contaminants, it is recommended to take operational measures.

To work, you need a mixture of water, a teaspoon of vinegar and laundry soap. The components dissolve thoroughly in a liquid. Using a soft brush, the contaminated surface is carefully treated with a solution until it is completely cleaned. At the end, repeat cleaning with clean water to collect excess soapy water. For greater convenience, you can use a spray gun when working.

How to get rid of paint stains from a carpet

Paint may remain on the coating as a result of careless repair work. It dries very quickly. First you need to remove surface residues with a soft scraper. For softening, glycerin is suitable, which should be left in the place of contamination for several hours. Residues are removed with a mixture of vinegar (2 tablespoons added to water).

REFERENCE!If possible, white spirit will do. When using, you should check the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet.

Removing stains from the handle

Salt is suitable for cleaning a fresh trace of a pen. The ingredient absorbs excess ink, greatly facilitating further work. Then the surface is treated with soapy water. For old stains, instead of salt, it is better to use fresh lemon juice.

How to get rid of glue on the carpet

Adhesive is recommended to be removed immediately. When drying, cleaning is somewhat more difficult. To eliminate fresh contamination, a normal soap solution is suitable.

If the glue is dry, it must be softened before removal. Glycerin, which is left for several hours, is useful here. Residues are removed with a solution of ammonia and water (a teaspoon of the product in 2 glasses of water). In the resulting composition, moisten a clean soft cloth and attach to the stain for several hours. Vacuum at the end.

Remove stains from shoe polish

When cleaning the coating from shoe polish, it is necessary to collect the surplus funds with a paper towel. For complete elimination, detergent without bleach is suitable. A small amount is dissolved in warm water, whipped to a dense foam. The resulting foam handles the place of contamination. Residues are removed with warm water.

Eliminate urine stains

Stains from urine are characterized by a pungent odor, which complicates the work. First of all, you should collect as much fluid as possible. A solution of vinegar (1: 3) thoroughly processes the trace of contamination in order to neutralize the smell. To completely eliminate it, after a few hours the surface is cleaned with soapy water.

Carpet is one of the most popular and sought after floor coverings. Like any material, it is prone to contamination. A few recommendations will help you easily cope with the most common stains at home.

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