Why is it worth washing the floor with salt?

We clean the floor from dirt and energy from the negative!

Cleanliness in an apartment or house is important for any owner. Each is individually suited to cleaning, using various options and methods. Personal energy is no less important. For this, many folk methods are used with the use of everyday means. The most universal option is edible salt, which will help clean surfaces from pollution, and the house from negative effects.

Salt has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for use not only in cooking. Many housewives, following popular advice, use the product when cleaning. Salt helps to cope with many contaminants on floor coverings. Such a tool is the most suitable and optimal option in families with small children or allergies.

If someone from the household has had a cold, mopping with salt is an excellent disinfectant. In this case, you need to use warm water close to hot. In the process of washing, not only the floor surface is cleaned, but also the air in the room is sanitized.

Reference:salt is also useful when cleaning furniture or washing clothes.

Mopping with salt has a long list of benefits. Using this ingredient makes the flooring more shiny and updated. Separately, it is noted that after such cleaning, dirt and dust settle much less on the surface.

Addition:salt is the best option when cleaning in the kitchen. It will help remove stains from grease, oil and other products.

Many people carefully monitor the state of internal energy and the aura surrounding the house. Negative energy in the apartment has a negative impact on households and family relationships. This can lead to frequent illnesses of family members and pets, money leakage, irritability and regular quarrels. You can cope with a bad aura and clean the apartment using salt. It is considered a strong magical product, which is often used in many rituals.

Before cleaning, it is recommended to open the windows so that there is a draft in the room. It is advisable to get rid of things that have not been used for more than a year. To enhance the effect, a repeated procedure is required, which is carried out after 3 days.

After regular cleaning, complete the floor with a mop solution. The floor is washed from the window to the threshold, thereby driving away the negativity from your home.

In conclusion, you should wash yourself under running water and wash the clothes that were cleaned.

To maintain positive energy in the apartment, a similar procedure is recommended several times a year.

If for some reason it is not possible to wash the floor with saline, you can replace this ritual with another option.

Sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons into small bags and place them open in each corner of the room. Leave for 3 days. Salt “absorbs” all the negativity of your home. According to custom, “dirty” salt needs to be burned or “given to water”. Of course, you don’t need to burn anything, but simply tie the bags and take them out with the garbage.

In which cases you can not wash the floor with salt

Not every type of flooring is suitable for such use. Before carrying out it is recommended to be convinced that mopping with use of salt will not harm material.

Unsuitable coverage:

  1. Granite is one of the most durable and strong materials. It has an attractive appearance, instantly transforms the room, introducing additional decor. However, salt treatment is strongly discouraged. A food product can cause damage to the surface of a stone (cracks, scratches). Since it is impossible to get rid of them, you have to change the coverage.
  2. Marble refers to the durable appearance of stones, which have an attractive appearance and special aesthetics. Nevertheless, marble has a rather capricious and fragile structure. When cleaning, use special products without the presence of acids or alkalis. Salt in this case also does not fit, as it can cause scratches and damage.

Important:When cleaning a laminated surface, salt can cause stains. Such spots will not cause significant harm, but they will spoil the general appearance of the room. Therefore, when preparing the solution, it is important to monitor the complete dissolution of the product.

Proper solution preparation

An important point in the cleaning process is the proper preparation of the cleaning composition. When using a solution to cleanse from negative effects, any amount, even a small pinch, is suitable. Salt should be added to warm water so that it completely dissolves in the tank. This will help to prevent the appearance of stains.

Tip:To cleanse yourself of negative energy, you must purchase a separate packaging of the product, which will be used exclusively for this purpose.

When preparing a solution for disinfection, a tablespoon of salt is suitable. The product must be thoroughly mixed in a bucket of warm water. A mop or a soft foam sponge is useful for washing.

No matter for what purpose you will clean the floor with salt - do it in a good mood. Configure yourself that now you will do something very useful for yourself and your family, your hearth.

To enhance the effect, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the bucket with brine. All types of citrus oils, eucalyptus or lavender are perfect for this role.

Be healthy and happy!

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