Is linoleum in an apartment harmful to health?

Linoleum is a profitable and convenient solution for an apartment. There are various types that can be divided by price category. But many refuse it, because they are sure that it is dangerous to human health. Is it really? Let's get it right.

The harm of linoleum to health

What is used to make linoleum? PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is used as a binder component. But, the assertion that PVC is harmful to the human body is wrong! PVC can release harmful substances to the body only during combustion. But we will not talk about this, because almost everything that surrounds us is dangerous for our body during burning.

Stabilizers and plasticizers - these components are actually dangerous to our health. They are used to ensure that the coating is flexible and durable. In budget options, components that emit volatile substances and can enter the human respiratory tract can be used.

NOTE. In an adult, linoleum may well cause a headache, and in a baby, serious poisoning.

Pigment. If the cheapest pigment is added to the composition, then after a while it may also be in the air. It is not toxic, but dangerous for people suffering from allergic reactions.

Is linoleum harmful to health in living quarters?

Linoleum can be divided into two varieties: household and commercial.

Basically, they use either natural or synthetic for life. Determining its harmfulness only by sight is a very difficult task.

Synthetic easy to care and provides good thermal insulation. In everyday life, linoleum can be dangerous to human health if PVC is included in its composition, which can release chemical resins, which in turn are capable of:

  • evaporate in a short period of time;
  • emit harmful substances;
  • negatively affect the human body as a whole.

Natural is completely safe for human health. But, in turn, it is less resistant to moisture, when compared with synthetic. If your apartment has high humidity, then this kind of linoleum is definitely not suitable.

What harm linoleum can do

So, we emphasize once again that a material made exclusively from synthetic components can carry a danger to human health. PVC - a component that is used as a binder, it is completely inert. It is not dangerous to human health, unless, of course, the manufacturer does not use a cheap analogue. Fiberglass - it also has no volatile components that could be harmful to health.

After the acquisition, it is necessary that the linoleum rests, then all harmful components are precisely evaporated from it.Pigments can be attributed to important components, if the manufacturer used the cheapest varieties, it is not surprising that in a couple of years they will begin to enter the human respiratory tract. This can cause allergic reactions in humans.

ATTENTION. In no case do not lay commercial linoleum in a residential apartment! To it are put forward completely different requirements, so that even high-quality species can harm your health!

What material is the most harmful?

The main danger is stabilizers and plasticizers, which are used in the adhesive layer. In a cheap product, it is most often used cheap types of stabilizers that can harm our body.

What to fear?

As we have already said, the most dangerous components in linoleum are stabilizers and plasticizers. They can enter the air only when heated or after the upper layers have already been erased. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, be sure to ask for a quality certificate.

What to do if you bought unpleasant linoleum

If you have already purchased a coating that has a characteristic odor, you must let it lie in a room that is well ventilated. If the smell has not disappeared, then using such a floor covering is not recommended.

In order to minimize the risk to your health, you must carefully approach the choice of flooring and not use a cheap analogue that can harm your health.

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