What picture to hang over the bed in the bedroom

It is no secret that the environment can influence feelings, create a certain mood. This must be remembered when decorating. Especially when it comes to the bedroom, where a person relaxes and rests after a hard day. Various decor items, including paintings, help create a cozy, peaceful atmosphere. It is important to responsibly approach the choice of a suitable option so that the canvas looks harmoniously in the interior of the room and evokes extremely positive emotions.

We select a picture based on the interior of the bedroom

According to experts, the bedroom is a special place where a calm, warm atmosphere should reign. A refined painting can repeat the existing shades of the room, gently complementing the interior, or serve as its bright accent.

ATTENTION. Good rest and relaxation are more favored by images made in a restrained, pastel color scheme. Too saturated colors can excite the nervous system, cause a feeling of anxiety.

Regardless of the assigned role, the work of art must necessarily harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room. To do this, consider the features of different styles:

  • Classics are more suitable for landscapes, colorful colors.
  • Minimalism is more likely to have abstract plots and simple lines.
  • High-tech, like minimalism, strives for simplicity, often allowing contrasting combinations of shades.
  • For sophisticated provence, images of flowers are more suitable.
  • Eco - style is perfectly located to the natural scenery in wooden frames.

If before buying a painting you do not take into account the general direction of design, the artwork will look ridiculous. For example, in a rough loft with brick walls and open wiring, it is difficult to imagine the image of delicate flowers. Various graffiti and photographs of the city at night are much better. You also need to take into account the size of the bedroom and your own preferences.

Which image is better to choose

Decorative elements are an integral part of any interior. They decorate the room, make it more complete, and also cause certain emotions. Therefore, being in search of a suitable picture, you should pay attention not only to its color scheme and correlation with the general style, but also to the plot. Designers and psychologists advise choosing paintings, the plot of which is aimed at relaxation and tranquility. These include the following solutions:

  • Various natural landscapes, more precisely, its serene manifestations. A universal choice is sunrises and sunsets, the night starry sky, quiet forest glades, beautiful flowers and trees.
  • Positive emotions give pictures with cute animals, expressive city panoramas.
  • They have a positive effect on the human psyche and bring joy to paintings with butterflies and juicy fruits, as they symbolize summer and the sun.
  • Natures with a fine mental organization will like various abstractions of pastel colors.

Images of people in the bedroom are also permissible, only it is necessary to take into account the emotions of the characters in the picture. Grief or sadness does not in any way lead to calmness, but act depressingly. For the same reason, it is advisable to abandon a large number of dark colors, giving preference to light, pastel colors. In addition, it is recommended to avoid:

  • Images of aggressive animals, any scenes of violence and raging elements. They will only excite the mind, not tune into a healthy sleep.
  • Many people feel uncomfortable with drawings of enlarged parts of the body (hands or eyes).

IMPORTANT. It is not recommended to decorate the room with paintings with objects without a pair (one tree on the lawn or one house in the meadow). According to psychologists, this will alienate lovers, and a lonely person will become more worried about his status.

When thinking about whether the picture you like is suitable, it is worth imagining what emotions and feelings it will cause. Usually in the bedroom a person is resting, leaving behind the threshold chores and troubles. Therefore, all decorative elements should create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility in the room.

Among other things, you should consider the compatibility of the object of art and the owners of the room. So, for spouses, images of swans, a couple in love or bright colors are perfect. For a child, the favorite fairy-tale character or other options would be the best choice.

Choose the type of picture

Currently, there are several types of paintings that can decorate the walls of the bedroom. If desired, you can choose:

  • One massive canvas.
  • A couple of medium-sized paintings.
  • A chaotic composition of several small images.

It should be borne in mind that contemporary works often represent not only traditional work on canvas with oil paints. This can be a spectacular pattern on the fabric or a beautiful photo reproduction.

According to experts, it is better to refrain from original paintings with elements of dried butterflies or plants. It is believed that they carry a negative, dead energy, although they are able to harmoniously complement almost any interior.

How to choose a picture depending on the size of the room

Choosing a subject of painting, you need to listen to your intuition, and also take into account some of the advice of professional designers. Properly selected decor elements are able to visually adjust the space:

  • Paintings with a vertical image and an elongated shape visually increase the low ceilings in the room.
  • Wide and horizontal canvases emphasize short walls, expanding their surface.

REFERENCE. Before buying, it is advisable to take into account the size of the bedroom, as well as the parameters of the bed itself (the larger the product, the more overall the canvas should be).

It must be remembered that bulky canvases are contraindicated for small rooms - they are too crushing. In turn, small images are simply “lost” against the background of a large wall. Such a surface is best decorated with a general composition consisting of several canvases. Designers also warn that low or high hanging paintings can visually distort the geometry of space.

Modern tendencies

As for current trends, macro photography has become widespread. Images of insects or droplets of morning dew on the grass, enlarged many times, look original in the interior and soothe the nervous system. Also, designers are advised to pay attention to the following interesting solutions:

  • For the bedroom of a teenage girl, landscapes embroidered with beads are perfect.
  • A real hit are the various modular paintings. These are such compositions in which one common plot is divided into several separate elements. This option can fit into almost any design.

Do not lose their relevance and murals depicting urban landscapes.

Feng shui tips

Ancient Eastern teaching helps achieve harmony in space. What picture is usually hung over the bed and can it be a photo?Experts believe that the paintings are a wonderful decoration of any room, but improperly chosen plots can disrupt the cozy atmosphere. To avoid this, it is advisable to listen to some simple tips:

  • The picture must be liked by the owners of the bedroom and cause only positive thoughts and emotions.
  • Stories with aggressive or hostile scenes should be avoided. This is especially true of the bedroom, where peace should reign.
  • With all desire, you can not hang portraits of beloved relatives or celebrities who are not alive. It brings not very good energy, it can cause sad thoughts.
  • Choosing the original panel with hieroglyphs, you must definitely find out their meanings. Do not hang a picture with a secret meaning.
  • Images should include paired items. In the opposite case, this will alienate partners from each other at a subconscious level, over time, even lead to separation.
  • Canvas on the bedroom wall can embody cherished desires. If a person wants to travel more, you should hang an image of the place where he would like to go. It is believed that regular vision of a dream makes it easier to find opportunities for its implementation.

Guided by these tips or not, everyone must decide for themselves. But the fact that the requirements of the ancient Chinese teachings coincide with many recommendations of modern psychologists and designers makes us think seriously.

Choosing the right decoration for the bedroom is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You should trust your own preferences and intuition. The main thing is that the plot and colors evoke only positive emotions, relax and reassure. No need to be afraid to make a mistake - if necessary, the picture can always be replaced.

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