Loft style bedroom design

The loft style is undoubtedly very creative and is considered one of the most popular. He appeared in the United States and very quickly "settled" in the ten most popular styles. Translated "loft" means the attic.

Features of the interior in the loft style

Initially, this direction in design became popular among the bohemian population. The artists had little money, but a lot of creative ideas. Therefore, abandoned factories, manufactories and other buildings began to be bought up literally for nothing and made out under workshops and exhibition halls. After some time, so began to make out and rooms of apartments and houses. Gradually, the style was divided into two types:

  1. Hadr - loft. Old and abandoned rooms are decorated.
  2. Soft - loft. When designing new residential premises, common features inherent in the loft are used.

This style of decoration is characterized by the use of large, well-lit rooms with high ceilings. The division into zones here is carried out with the help of furniture or curtains. Used color scheme of natural shades.

REFERENCE! Industrial design does not welcome bright colors, so you need to add them carefully.

Also, the design uses parts made of wood, metal, stone. The design of the walls involves brickwork, concrete and plaster. The style is suitable for the design of any room, bedroom, including.

The bedroom made in this design is unique. The space of the room seems to have no clear boundaries, making it seems that the whole room is filled with light. There are no restrictions on the choice of design materials. Therefore, you can create a unique and very interesting room. Before proceeding with the design of the bedroom, you need to consider several nuances:

  • the design should be quite concise and functional;
  • modern materials should be harmoniously combined with ancient objects;
  • emphasis should be placed on the berth;
  • for zoning the space you need to use screens or curtains;
  • design must have elements of industrialism;
  • communications such as wires or pipes do not need to be masked.

Finishing materials

Despite the fact that in translation this word means attic, the bedroom does not have to be in the attic, any room is suitable for this.

One of the most striking features of the loft is the use of brickwork for wall decoration. At the same time, it is not necessary that all the walls be lined with brick or its imitation. In addition to brick, you can use plaster.

REFERENCE! Concrete walls will look very original, but for their decoration you will need an experienced hand of the designer.

In the decoration of the walls you can also use wood. Wood is a warmer material than concrete or brick. However, in order to avoid a complete repetition of the chalet style, vertical wood panels must be combined with brick or plaster. A very beautiful combination of warm wood and red brick.

If metal is used in the decoration, then it should not be too much, otherwise it will turn out high-tech style. It is enough to make several accents, for example, to leave the pipes not closed. Since the style does not imply the use of capital walls, it is possible to zone the space with the help of glass.

Space organization

The main focus of the bedroom, made in the style of a loft, should be the bed. Very often, a podium is used to emphasize this piece of furniture.

Since the style does not imply walls, various screens or heavy curtain drapes are often used to fence off a bed. Partitions from glass will be a very beautiful solution.

REFERENCE! The loft-style bedroom is the embodiment of creativity. The rough finish is interestingly combined with delicate decor.

Loft implies that the bedroom is often combined with a bathroom. The bathroom is also decorated with a minimum of items, supporting the overall design of the bedroom. Combine it with the office. Then, as a wall, you can use a cabinet made of solid wood.

If the room is quite high, then a sleeping place can be arranged on the second floor, because the presence of tiers is also a hallmark of the loft style.

Furniture selection

The loft does not require the use of any special furniture. Therefore, both modern and vintage furniture are perfect.

ATTENTION! Glavna, this is to follow the principle - as little furniture as possible, as much space as possible.

It is desirable that the bed was made in a minimalist style. In its design, you can use the original headboard.

Used wardrobes should be in the same style with the bed. If the room has a small area, then the use of built-in structures is practiced. Since style means freedom, you can use furniture on wheels.

REFERENCE! The fireplace in the bedroom will look very nice. If there is no way to make a real one, then you can use its imitation. This will give the bedroom additional comfort.

Lighting organization

Style implies a maximum of light, so a lot of attention is paid to lighting. Conventional fixtures will not work. For the loft style, it is necessary to use lighting devices made of steel, wood or glass.

Lamps should zone the space and emphasize the bed. The chandelier, as a rule, is the main one and sets the tone for other lighting devices. On the perimeter of the room, spotlights or track systems are used.

When choosing lighting partings, preference should be given to lamps with a dim lampshade so that they do not focus on themselves. The so-called bare lamps are very popular. In such lighting fixtures, lamps are framed by various aluminum structures.

Textile selection

Used fabrics are a kind of mix of originality and brutality. When choosing curtains and linen for a bedroom in the loft style, emphasis is necessary on the color, texture and texture of the fabric.

When choosing a fabric color, light shades should be preferred - gray and other shades of metal. Do not use fabric with a pattern, especially larger.

As a rule, a lot of textiles are not used in the loft style. Windows are decorated with Roman curtains, blinds or direct curtains. No shuttlecocks and lambrequins. Everything should be minimalistic, including textiles.

From fabrics it is worth choosing organza, taffeta, cotton or cambric.

Color scheme

Style implies the use of neutral calm colors: white, gray, shades of brown. To add tenderness, you can use warm shades. To emphasize the freedom of space, you should choose colder shades. Bright colors are allowed only during decoration, for example, it can be various paintings or bouquets.

Decorative items and accessories

For decorating bedrooms are perfect:

  1. Handmade items.
  2. Fancy lights.
  3. Creative posters and posters. Used paintings should be made in the styles of modernism, cubism and more.
  4. The original watch.
  5. Various indoor plants.

The design of the bedroom in the loft style will allow you to give it an unusual look. Such a room will become the personification of inner freedom, and measures for its design will allow to realize creative potential.

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