Clothes Hanger Size

A hanger is an essential attribute in a home. If you want to keep your clothes in good condition, then you definitely need to use them. They are designed for all types of clothing.

Types of hangers

Currently there are many varieties of coat hanger: separately hanging, wall, floor, portable, metal structures fixed on furniture and others.

Most hangers consist of coat hanger, ears, hooks, and the bar for trousers. Some have fastening locks; they are used to fix trousers or skirts.

Clothes that you store in limbo will look neat, dumb and will last longer.

Not everyone knows that the size of the hanger is very important to maintain the quality of things. Therefore, they often face the problem of sliding things onto the floor, the appearance of puffs, stretching of the shoulders and sleeves, and twisting of products.

Size of standard hangers

The main criterion for the selection of hangers is size.

reference. The length of the part is related to the shoulder width of the item. It should either fully comply with it, or be a little less.

  • Standard value for wooden models is considered width 45 cm.
  • For metal coat hanger - 42 see. Clothes from 46 to 50 sizes will fit well on such shoulders.
  • For plastic products the grid of magnitude ranges up to a width of 40 cm. It is suitable for large items with 56 or more.
  • There are still baby trempelstheir size from 25 to 38 cm.

If you have a non-standard size of things or you sew them to order, ordinary coat hanger may not work. You can make individual coat hanger. In this case, the design and color of the product are chosen independently.

reference. When manufacturing non-standard coat hanger, remember that the width of the cabinet is not more than 550 mm.

How to choose a hanger according to the size of clothes

When you buy trempel for your suits, blouses, fur coats and other products, remember that storage of each item must be approached individually. The integrity and service time of your favorite outfits depends on this. The generally accepted scale for correlating the size of clothes with the length of the shoulders will help you.

Baby clothes

  • Children's sizes of clothes XS, S (for the international standard). They need shoulders 25 cm long.
  • For sizes M and L, XL, the width increases to 30 and 32 cm.
  • Parameters 35-39 are considered teenage.

Women's clothing

  • Young and slender girls with sizes 38-42 (XS, S) will need width 39-41 cm.
  • Ladies who wear clothes 46-48 (L), 50-52 (XXL) sizes need shoulders from 43 to 46 cm.

Tip. With high growth, it is necessary to choose a hanger 2-3 cm larger.

Men's clothing

Caring for the strong half of humanity, do not forget that their shoulders are wider. Therefore, the length of the hanger should be selected based on these features.

  • 44-46 (M) corresponds to 43 cm, etc.

Tip. If your man is large and broad-shouldered, pick up trempels from 46 to 51 cm.

Knowing how to choose the right hangers, you will maintain your wardrobe in perfect order. After all, now it will not be any work. And according to Marie Kondo, the proper storage of things is the key to a happy life.

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