Do-it-yourself floor lamp made of wood

A floor lamp is not only a source of lighting in the room, but also an element of decor, since it creates a cozy and relaxing environment. A clock reading an interesting book near it flies by unnoticed, which can also be said of gatherings in the company of friends or relatives. Their assortment in furniture stores is quite large, but it is not always possible to choose a model that would fit perfectly into the interior - either there are no colors, then the price bites. As an option, you can make a floor lamp of wood with your own hands, since a lot of time and effort is not required for this.

Author's solution - floor lamp made of wood

In addition to its direct purpose, such a product will be unique, because the second one is definitely not found anywhere. At the same time, the choice of design, size and finishing materials is limited solely by your imagination - in order to make a lamp, you can use literally anything. Author's products are valued most of all, because the craftsmen know everything and even more about woodworking, molding and firing ceramic elements, cooking fancy glass molds and forging metal parts.

Application in various interiors

It is possible to use a wooden floor lamp in any interior, however, one should not forget about compatibility - massive lamps are unlikely to look good in small cramped rooms. They are most appropriate for styles such as:

  • direct and unpretentious American country;
  • more refined, although the same rustic Provence;
  • cozy compact chalet house;
  • stylish and restrained oriental;
  • rough and angular rustic;
  • luxurious and sweeping modern.

So different, they are all alike in one thing - simplicity of form. The materials used in the decoration (stone, wood, glass, fabrics, ceramics) are environmentally friendly and natural, contributing to relaxation and give enveloping atmospheric comfort.

Design features and operation

A floor lamp (aka “torch”, translated from French) is a floor or table lamp with diffused light due to the lamp shade. Its height is selected individually, depending on the preferences and features of the interior, but it must exceed the height of the chairs, sofa to spend time with him was comfortable. You can increase it with the help of resistors - they make it possible to adjust the lighting power, if necessary. In the photo you can see that the design of the floor lamp consists of 3 elements:

  1. Stable and massive stand.
  2. High support with internal wiring hole.
  3. Decorative lampshade.

Each element can be made from any means at hand. For example, a log trim opened by a stain or varnish looks good as a stand. The lampshade is easy to make from paper, a piece of fabric, wooden planks or glass beads.

We select material

The choice of material is entirely dependent on the availability of woodworking equipment. If there is access to it, then you can use a trimmed beam, if not, thin branches of a tree or shrub. The latter option is simpler, from the point of view of preliminary processing - it will be enough to clean the branches from the bark and sand it with sandpaper. In addition, you can use an ancient lamp that you intended to throw in a landfill, an orphan chandelier or sconce.

Make a stand

If you decide to use a pipe or several branches connected to each other for a rack, then there should not be any questions. If there is an opportunity and desire to use a machine for processing wood, you can perform a more interesting option. For this you need:

  • select the beam of the desired length and fix it in the machine;
  • smooth the corners with a chisel, bringing the shape to rounded;
  • to process the workpiece and apply patterns to it with a cutter, then sand it with sandpaper;
  • drill a hole for wiring in the center of the product;
  • cut a circle from a solid sheet of durable plywood, which will be a stand, with a diameter of at least 50 cm;
  • cover the finished structure with varnish, stain or paint.

If the machine is small, then you can assemble a rack of several fragments of small length.

Lampshade is an important component

Lampshade - an element whose number of variations is truly unlimited. The least amount of time and effort will be needed to make it from a balloon, thread and glue:

  • the balloon is inflated to the desired size;
  • a thread is wound around it, like a ball, after which it is neatly covered with PVA glue;
  • after the glue has completely dried, the ball is blown away, and it must be done slowly so as not to damage the lampshade;
  • in the finished design, a hole for the cartridge is cut out, and it is mounted on a rack.

The independent manufacture of a floor lamp from wood is a fascinating and interesting process that does not require time and, most importantly, money. Unusual and stylish, the lamp will occupy a central place in your home, delighting with its appearance even when it is turned off.

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