How to lower the chair

Most offices have special chairs for the computer desk. But even if you choose the most expensive and high-quality chairs, the problem of back discomfort will not be resolved if the office product is not configured correctly. Doctors say that if the chair is not adjusted to the parameters of the owner during long-term use, it can cause serious harm to the spine. Undesirable consequences can be avoided if time is taken to adjust the height of the chair in the office. Consider how to adjust and how to lower the chair.

How to adjust an office chair

The main models of modern office furniture have devices and levers for easily changing the parameters of the chair.
There are several stages of adjusting products to the individual parameters of the owner:

  1. Change in seat depth.
  2. Backrest tilt adjustment.
  3. Changing the position of the armrests.
  4. Seat height adjustment.

REFERENCE! Convenience in an office product depends not only on the settings, the main reason for discomfort when using it is an improper fit. It is important to try to comply with known norms: the eyes are at the level of the monitor, the elbows and knees in the bend are angles of 90 degrees.

Product height adjustment

If after changing the landing, the back pain does not leave, it is worth adjusting the location of the chair.
Parameter Algorithm:

  1. Find the adjustment lever. Modern seats are provided with this lever, which is located directly under the seat. Do not confuse it with a lever to change the angle of inclination, it is fastened to the base.
    If no lever is found, it is worth looking for a wheel-shaped adjuster under the seat.
    Read the instructions carefully if no adjustment devices are found.
  2. Raise or lower the lever. Sitting in a chair, pull the lever up to raise it or lower it until you reach the ideal position. Stand near the product, if the edges of the seat are located at the level of the knees, then you have determined the height you need. Some models suggest “pumping” the lever up and down with uniform movements. To change the height of old products, great loads must be applied to the seat.
  3. Create a comfortable environment. When the height parameters are set, it is worth achieving absolute comfort during work. Purchase a footrest if the distance to the floor remains too large for you, and adjust the height of the armrests so that they are at the desktop level.

IMPORTANT! Every 10-20 minutes, doctors recommend changing the position of the body in the chair. This will help to avoid health problems and eliminate back discomfort completely.

Watch the video: Chair Adjustment Guide (December 2019).


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