DIY spice rack

Each housewife arranges the kitchen in her own way, so that there is no mess, and everything necessary is stored in the most accessible place. The organization of a place for storing spices is not an exception, so that during cooking the necessary ingredients are at hand, but not interfere. The best solution is special shelves for spices - they will not take up much space and you can make them yourself.

How to make a shelf for spices with your own hands

The most convenient option for the location of containers with spices is an open shelf. All the necessary spices will be in sight and can be easily obtained. Shelves are made compact so that they can be installed in any part of the kitchen area. As a material, trimming of any wooden boards, plywood, chipboard can be suitable. Parts from old fruit and vegetable boxes are great.

It is most convenient to install shelves on a table or hang them on a wall above the kitchen table, since you can simply reach the desired jar by hand. However, not everyone likes a lot of objects on the table, and there is also a risk that children or animals will get to the spices. For this case, shelves can be attached to wall cabinets or to doors.

Basically, shelves are made of wood or plywood, it will be enough to find five boards of the same size, but you can combine two boards of shorter length for the side walls, and the remaining three for the main shelves. The size of the board should be appropriate for containers for spices, and it is better to make shelves with a margin in width so that the jars do not stand on the very edge.

Boards are processed by grinding, then measurements and marks for fastenings are made. The marks drill holes for fasteners. The ends of the bottom of the shelf are connected with screws to the side. Before installation, the shelf is opened with varnish. For stability of the cans, you should add the sides of the strips or props, setting at the level of the middle of the length of the containers. If you want to diversify the creation, you can add patterns to the carving.

What is required for this

To independently create a shelf for spices from plywood, you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance:

  • Six pieces of plywood;
  • Four wooden planks;
  • Joiner's glue;
  • Primer for wood;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Paint for wood;
  • Acrylic lacquer;
  • Small nails without caps;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Milling cutter;
  • Ruler (it is recommended to take a metal one);
  • Pencil;
  • Clamp;
  • Brush;
  • Hammer;
  • Roller (small size).

Dimensions and Drawings

Two pieces of plywood should be 10 mm thick, 70 mm by 540 mm. The other four parts are 6 mm thick, each measuring 70 mm by 270 mm.

The size of the planks of wood is: 2 pieces of 20 mm thick by 280 mm and 2 pieces of 10 mm by 280 mm.

A preliminary drawing is done directly on the surface itself: we draw segments on the longest parts: one segment - 10 mm and three segments of 150 mm each. At the marks draw straight perpendicular lines.

Attention! In order for all the desired jars to fit on the future shelf, you need to take measurements of the jars in advance and mark them on the work surface.

When all the preliminary preparations are completed, you can proceed to the main part of the creation of the shelf.

Spice rack: step by step instructions

  1. We take the milling cutter and, on pre-induced lines, make 5 mm grooves on the plywood.
  2. Pour wood glue into the grooves made and install a part of plywood 6 mm thick.
  3. After the glue completely hardens, we glue the barrier strips to the front side of the shelf.
  4. To permanently install the trims, fix them with nails without caps.
  5. Apply a primer.
  6. After the primer dries, we grind the surface of the shelf with sandpaper.
  7. We make painting in two layers.
  8. When the paint is completely dry, open the surface with acrylic varnish.
  9. The hinges are fixed to the sides.
  10. The finished shelf can only be hung on an attractive place.

You can diversify the arrangement of the shelf by dividing into sections or cells. It will not be superfluous to add small boxes, which can be done without rollers.

If there is an unnecessary wooden box, then it is perfect for creating a small shelf for spices. The box must be disassembled in advance, stick out all the nails. The basis of the design will be thin, narrow trims. Sand the boards with sandpaper. You can use the pallet itself from the box. You need to measure the jars in order to make the pieces a little wider than the diameter of the jars.

For manufacturing you will need: six long and four short boards (the same size), nails and wood glue.

The shelf from the drawer is made quickly and easily, just follow the instructions:

  1. Take two long boards. Between them, attach short ones at a distance equal to the height of two jars, put marks with a pencil.
  2. Fix the construction according to marks with glue and small nails.
  3. Long boards will be the basis for the lower and upper shelves. Short ones are needed for the sides of the lower shelf.
  4. To the side (where the edge is) of the lower main board and the bottom of the side boards, attach two long boards from the front and the inside, as a result, the sides for the lower shelf will be obtained.
  5. Attach two boards to the base of the upper shelf with the same manipulations, and fix the sides between them.
  6. Paint the structure in two layers and open with varnish.
  7. The shelf should come out light, so you can fix it by hanging it on a rope.

Important! During painting, the shelf can be decorated with decoupage technique or simply painted with brushes, there are many photos with various types of jewelry that you can do yourself.

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