What is the difference between a sofa and an ottoman

The choice of upholstered furniture today is quite large. These are ottomans, sofas, sofas, couches. All these items differ in design, texture, size and price. To understand what their differences are, you need to consider the properties of each model. We will analyze the difference between the couch and the couch.

What is ottoman

When purchasing furniture, you first need to think about functionality and only then consider it as an element of decor. The ottoman is a small sofa on low wooden legs. Initially, it was used for daytime relaxation or sitting. For some time now, this simple interior item began to disappear from the apartments, and more modern models replaced it.

In fact, it can be called a hybrid bed and sofa. In Asian countries, from where she came to us, she was covered with a special carpet or fabric with a national pattern, thus decorating housing. And Parisian designers use this piece of furniture in order to emphasize the subtlety of style in the interior. For this, the upholstery is made of bright high-quality materials.

The classic design of the ottoman is not original. The package usually includes:

  • back;
  • headrest made of thick fabric or leather;
  • box for linen;
  • spring base of independent springs that are fastened together.

Cylindrical springs are sometimes used, most often in double models for greater elasticity. They cost more, but also last longer.

Transformable ottoman options exist. When assembled, it can be used instead of a sofa, and when disassembled, you get a full bed.

What is a classic sofa

The design of the sofas is more diverse. The classic model is made with soft or hard armrests, comfortable sitting. The presence of a soft back is required. Most of them have a transformation mechanism that allows you to turn it into a chair or bed. The device of this furniture also involves boxes for storing things. Sometimes in the armrests make niches for a minibar.

Sofa structures by the type of transformation mechanism are divided into the following types:

  • folding: these include tango, book, elf;
  • extendable or rolling out on rollers along the length (eurobook, Konrad, pantograph, dolphin);
  • expandable (accordion, spartacus, american or french clamshell).

To achieve a high level of comfort, fillers such as synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, polyurethane, latex and spring blocks allow.

A sofa is not only a necessary piece of furniture, but also an important element in shaping the style of an interior.

The main differences between the sofa and the ottoman

What is the difference between such similar objects:

  • The small size and stiff back of the ottoman are only suitable for a short day's rest, while the sofa can fully replace the bed.
  • The cost of the ottoman is much lower. This is due to its small size.
  • Another criterion is the back. At the sofa it is present for sure, the same applies to the armrests. An ottoman may not have these elements.
  • The couch also loses in functionality, since there are a large number of upholstery options, transformation mechanisms, and fillers for the sofa.

Each of these items in its own way is good and original, but you should choose the one that will be comfortable for relaxation and will bring a bright accent to the interior of your apartment.

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