What is a hair dryer

What is a hair dryer? In the recent past, hair dryers were designed exclusively for drying hair. But now these devices have wide functionality, and in addition to the main purpose, they help users to give the hair any volume, straighten or twist curls, lay curls in any direction.

And we decided to devote today's article to hairdryers, telling about their main functions and criteria for choosing the best model.

What is a device, its purpose

Before you purchase a hairdryer, the photo of which is presented above, you need to understand what kind of device it is. A hair dryer is a device designed to dry hair. After connecting the model to the outlet and activating it, hot air starts to flow from a special hole, and users can dry their heads in just a few minutes.

Currently, a wide variety of models with different functions are on the market. As a result, consumers can set a suitable working temperature, and after not only dry their hair, but also curl, curl, and also straighten them with light hand movements.

Main functions

As mentioned above, the presented devices designed for drying curls. But this is far from all the functions of these devices. Modern models combine a number of different options, which allows consumers to:

  • Spin curls;
  • Straighten hair;
  • Stack curls in various directions.

At the same time, not only professional hairdressers, but also ordinary users will be able to use all the options, since operation is an extremely simple procedure, and all that is required is to carefully study the instructions.

Important! Experts do not recommend drying wet hair, because it causes them serious harm. Before drying, you need to thoroughly pat your head with a towel.

What to look for when choosing

What is a hair dryer, of course. To buy the best model, you must consider a number of important factors before buying.

  1. Power. This indicator for a household appliance should range from 1200 to 2 thousand watts.
  2. Body material. The model should be made of a material resistant to high temperature and mechanical damage.
  3. The shape of the device. The modern market offers two forms of hair dryers: “gun” and “cylinder”. The first option is ideal for drying, but the second - for styling hair.
  4. The weight of the device. Optimum weight is not exceeding 500 grams. In other cases, the hair dryer will be difficult to withstand in the hand for a long time.
  5. Noise. Check the noise level before buying, because excessively loud devices can not only wake up your household, but also conceal problems with the motor.

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