Why on the ironing board antenna

All over the world it is difficult to find a house in which there will not be an ironing board. There are no uniform standards for the design of ironing boards. It can be absolutely simple, or it can contain a number of details that can be understood by the average person, and can leave questions about the nature of their mission.

Why on the ironing board antenna

The design of the portable ironing board is a folding mechanism with a flat board on which the ironing process takes place. This board should be covered with a soft, non-stick fabric. And the design itself should not eventually corrode under the influence of moisture emitted by the iron during ironing. These parameters are enough to create the simplest ironing board design. Additionally, it can be equipped with a metal iron stand, shelves for clothes, legs can be made in the form of a step-ladder, etc. One of the most obscure items on the ironing board is the antenna.

What is the function of the antenna on the ironing board

The device in the form of an antenna on the ironing board is nothing more than a holder for the cable wire of the iron, which is connected to the network. Such a holder is located in the area of ​​the stand, on which a hot electrical appliance is placed during ironing.

Important! This device is needed to help the person who is ironing the clothes to control the movement of the wire during ironing.

The meaning of the holder is that the hot surface of the iron does not run into the cable during the fabric smoothing action. The danger is that high temperatures can have a detrimental effect on wires under the fabric or plastic surface of the cord. Periodic exposure of the hot surface of the iron to the cable can significantly reduce the life of the electrical appliance. In addition, in the event of an electrical short circuit, this can be dangerous to the life and health of a person who at that moment will hold the iron in his hands, not observing safety rules.

Attention! A person can significantly protect himself from electric shock by being at the time of ironing on a rubber mat or if he is shod in rubber slippers. Rubber is a grounding conductor that can exit a person during an accident.

In addition, the cord holder can facilitate the ironing process itself. This is due to the fact that an unsecured cord can cling to the fabric by rubbing against it, which can lead to a jam, and in cases with delicate natural fabrics to break them.

If the outlet for connecting the iron is located above the level of the ironing board, it makes sense to use the holder for the wire so that the cable hall does not occur at the base of the iron. The fastening between the wire and the iron itself is quite strong, but improper operation can tear the wires to the root. In this case, the iron will need to be returned for repair, although often such repairs are more expensive than buying some models of the electric device itself.

Finally, thanks to the clamp for the wire, the likelihood that a person during ironing can catch and stumble on the cable itself disappears. This is due to the fact that the wire holder is pulled to the side.

How to use an antenna on an ironing board

The antenna is mounted on the far side of the board from the person. The latch looks most often in the form of a straight wire, which turns downward into a spiral and is attached to an iron stand. A clothespin for the wire is placed on top of the holder. The antenna is made of stainless material, strong in its characteristics, but capable of acquiring curved shapes, which is also enhanced by a spiral-shaped base. The place of attachment of the wire is made of plastic material, has a diameter of a standard wire.

Before starting ironing, the person should place the cord in the holder. This maneuver contributes to the upper wire feed, which ensures safe and high-quality ironing of the fabric. You should leave the required amount of wire in a free state, which will not be too much, but will not require a person to constantly pull the cord. It should be borne in mind that the cable retainer is flexible enough and springy, which increases the amplitude of each action.

How can I replace the holder

When buying an ironing board, you will notice that the holder for the wire is not always included in the package. In this case, you can buy the cable clamp separately in the same store or order online.

Interesting! Separately purchased holders are good because they have universal fastening to the board, which will allow you to take it with you when traveling, or use it on a newly purchased ironing board.

Alternatively, to comply with all the functions described above, you can use the device, which is hung on the screws to a concrete wall or wooden wall of the cabinet. This device is a holder of both the cord and the iron itself. This device is especially relevant in situations with stationary ironing boards, as well as made of wood. The dimensions of this lock correspond to the size of the hot iron area.

In another embodiment, you can purchase a separate clothespin for the wire of an electrical device, if it is not included in the package. It is a sturdy plastic clip with which the iron cord can be twisted into a spiral and fastened. So artificially reduce the size of the wire, its length will become safe and convenient to use.

Thus, it becomes clear all the need for a holder for the wire. According to customer reviews, those who once tried to iron the fabric with a wire clip, in situations without a holder experienced inconvenience.

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