What suction should the vacuum cleaner have?

The functions of the vacuum cleaner depend on its type, the devices can be designed for dry as well as for wet cleaning. In addition, some fluid collection devices are even available.

How well the cleaning will be done depends on various technical characteristics. One of the main ones is the power with which pollution is drawn into the unit. Let's figure out what this concept includes.

Suction power - an important characteristic of a vacuum cleaner

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to this indicator of the device, because it will depend on it the efficiency of the cleaning.

What is suction power?

This is one of the most important characteristics of any vacuum cleaner. She points then the amount of air that the device can let through itself for a certain period of time.

If household appliances process large volumes, then pollution will be removed quite easily.

The suction power depends on the air flow, as well as such a concept as vacuum (overcoming the force of this flow).

The first of these criteria shows the volume of air passed through the device per unit of time, but second characterizes dust suction ability.

In everyday life, we often check the level of absorption by applying a brush to the palm of your hand or a piece of paper. A tangible retraction of the air stream indicates a good operation of the device.

REFERENCE. If the air flow is not strong enough, then dust particles will remain on the surface.

It is important that the unit not only buzzed, but also cleaned.

What determines the suction power

There are several factors that influence an important device parameter.


There are several varieties of vacuum cleaners, for example, with a water filter or a bag dust collector. These components affect dust absorption. And in some cases, the state of the filter itself. For example, when filling a fabric or paper bag, the retraction power decreases.

Filter type

Tiered system filtration in construction less power suction.

Small filters prevent air from moving at a significant speed, while the dust is retained in large quantities.

As the dust collector fills, the suction level may decrease significantly.I. This applies to all appliances, except household appliances equipped with an aquafilter.

Quality assembly

Do not forget about the build property. If it is presented at a high level, then it will be easier for the user to get rid of dust particles in the house.

If you got a poor-quality model, do not be surprised that the air will be poorly absorbed.

In this case even with the same performance, one vacuum cleaner does a better job than another. The reason for this is the quality of execution of each part, their correspondence to each other, the absence of gaps and small gaps between the component parts of the device.

When purchasing the unit, it is worth paying attention to its appearance, make sure that all the parts are firmly fixed, firmly fixed, easily disconnected and attached.

The hose should be flexible enough, while it should not wrinkle when twisting.

Where suction power is indicated

So, we made sure that this parameter is extremely important when using the device. Now you need to figure out where and how the manufacturer indicates it.

Samu information on this can be found in the instructions or in the data sheetthat are attached to the acquisition of equipment.

Power is usually denoted by the letter W.It should be noted that the concept of power itself has several meanings. Traditionally, speaking of household appliances, we mean by this word the electricity that the device consumes during use.

In our case, we use a different value, bearing in mind the performance of the equipment.

On the body of the device, the letter W most often indicates the power consumption. In many cases, it is higher than the absorption rate. Wanting to create the impression of a powerful device, the manufacturer indicates a higher figure. But it is not directly related to absorption.

Tip. If you find only power consumption on the unit casing, refer to the passport of the vacuum cleaner. Additional information can be found on the Internet, it should be directly on the website of the seller of the company and manufacturers.

Characteristics of vacuum cleaners by suction power

After the necessary parameters are found, it is necessary to understand what they mean.

Types of suction power of modern vacuum cleaners

Currently, devices with medium efficient (250-300 W) and maximum (up to 480 W) power absorption are produced. To understand which of them is optimal for you, we explain the concepts.

Average efficiency indicates the rate at which the vacuum cleaner evenly, throughout the cleaning, does its job.

Maximum levelachieved in the first seconds work. However, you should not focus on maximum power, since it is considered valid only under ideal conditions (with an empty dust bag), and after a while, the indicators fall (5-10 seconds).

The average performance criterion is below the maximum by about a third.

Important! The greater the suction power, the faster the motor of the vacuum cleaner will wear out, and premature loss of the appearance of upholstery, carpeting and other surfaces is also possible.

Devices with a suction power regulator

Today, trade offers vacuum cleaners in which the suction power is not constant, established in the process of creating household appliances. The owner of the device can increase or decrease it himself if he has purchased an aggregate equipped with an additional function for regulating this parameter.

Itself makes the cleaning process more convenient and comfortable. This saves both time and effort.

There are two ways to set a parameter.

  • Mechanical adjustment. To the owner you have to manually switch the power values ​​of the vacuum cleaner - from minimum to maximum.
  • Digital. It is available from modern manufacturers. Such a device controlled by remote control, i.e. remotely. You do not have to bend over or get close to it, which makes cleaning much more convenient. The regulator itself is always at hand - on the hose.

REFERENCE! It is worth remembering that the remote control is arranged using electronic equipment. Therefore, after wet cleaning, it is necessary to remove the remote control.

However, this option is not cheap. If you find a good quality vacuum cleaner that includes all the desirable features, you may not need to overpay for a sophisticated add-on.

Consideration of suction power when choosing a vacuum cleaner

It should be understood that for a reasonable purchase, it is important to rely not only on the power of the appliance itself, but also on the suction power. Keep in mind that the widespread belief that the higher the level of electricity consumption, the better the performance of a vacuum cleaner, is a myth. Optimum power is selected individually.

The quality of the cleaning depends on how well the vacuum cleaner sucks in the dust. We offer information that will help you understand what power equipment should be in your home.

What suction power is needed when cleaning

Five power levels that are designed for certain types of cleaning.

  • Up to 300 watts - very low. Suitable for keep clean, and for car mini vacuum cleaners. Typically, such designs become allergic who need cleaning on an ongoing basis. However, it is highly likely that the product will wear out significantly quickly due to frequent use.
  • 350 watts - with such parameters, the trade offers low power budget vacuum cleaners. They are intended for a parquet surface, linoleum or tile. Do not use to clean upholstered furniture, since the effectiveness of the actions will be lower than expected. Such a characteristic is quite suitable for ordinary use.
  • 400 watts - good power, if a pet lives in your house, then a device with such indicators easy to handle wool. Easily sucks even small hair, threads and perfectly cleans carpets.
  • 450 watts - a powerful device. He takes out dust from long-haired coatings, easily cleans various types of carpets and furniture.
  • 500 watts - maximum power. Devices are recommended when there is the need for thorough cleaning or there are many dust-forming objects in the room, but they are rarely cleaned.

Recommendations for choosing a vacuum cleaner for suction power

If in your house no children or petsdue to which a large amount of wool accumulates, then 300 watts will be enough. The vacuum cleaner will perfectly cope with linoleum and laminate and will restore order without problems. Therefore, in this case, it is better to save money when buying and energy when using the device.
but if you are a long-haired carpet owner, the owner of molting pets, a vacuum cleaner is definitely required with power over 300 watts. The same applies to large families or families with small children and constant cleaning. On devices with indicators below 250 watts in this case, you should not even pay attention.

Now you can correctly determine which device you need. It remains only to choose from the entire line of household devices that which is optimal in terms of price and quality.

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