Which vacuum cleaner is best with a container or bag

The vacuum cleaner has become an indispensable tool in everyday life. Any housewife uses this technique, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. Today, a lot of new models have appeared on the market, including vacuum cleaners with a container. Which models will be better: with a bag or container for collecting dirt?

Features of container vacuum cleaners

Recently, vacuum cleaners equipped with a container are rapidly gaining popularity. They work on the principle of cyclone. In other words, the air masses are absorbed by the device in a large vortex, and all the dust particles settle on the walls of the tank. Often, durable and transparent plastic is used for its manufacture, as a result of which the consumer will be able to see the amount of garbage.

REFERENCE! Advanced models of vacuum cleaners with a container have a tank divided into several compartments. Large debris enters one; fine dust, etc., falls into the second.

The advantages of such models include:

  • no need to replace bags;
  • fast and high-quality cleaning;
  • a full container will not affect the stable operation of the vacuum cleaner.

But there are several drawbacks, namely:

  • fast clogging of filters;
  • lack of power adjustment function;
  • large debris may scratch the container;
  • the need for regular cleaning of the dust bag.

Features of bag vacuum cleaners

The presented devices have been used by consumers for decades. During cleaning, dust and other contaminants get into the bag. Such devices are not afraid of a large front of work, and with their help you can clean carpets, armchairs, curtains, car showrooms and other surfaces.

REFERENCE! In the category of vacuum cleaners with a bag, there are both horizontal and vertical models, and garbage bags are reusable and disposable.

These bags are made from various materials. Durable paper is used to make disposable items. But they need to be thrown out after each cleaning, which is fraught with certain financial waste. Reusable sew from durable fabric, and throwing them away every time is not required. In addition, if desired, you can independently make a durable dust collector.

The advantages of such models of vacuum cleaners include:

  • the ability to set the appropriate power;
  • simplicity of operation;
  • lack of need for a vacuum cleaner after each use;
  • simple cleaning of a reusable bag when filling it, and elementary replacement of disposable bags;
  • wide range of models on the market.

But there were some minuses, among which we can distinguish:

  • the need for constant monitoring of bag filling;
  • reusable dust collectors may tear over time.

Important features of vacuum cleaners include:

  1. Simplicity of operation. If both models are considered for ease of maintenance and use, vacuum cleaners with a disposable bag will have more benefits. Such a device does not need washing, drying the container and cleaning the filters. After cleaning, you just need to throw out the dirty bag, and install a new one for the next apartment cleaning.
  2. Efficiency. A vacuum cleaner with a container would be better. Even with the dust bag full, the suction power of the dirt will remain unchanged. But the "bag" counterparts can not boast of such functions, because their power will directly depend on the fullness of the bag.
  3. Hygiene use. This criterion is far from last, especially for families where there are young children or people with allergies. And comparing two varieties of vacuum cleaners, we can say that models with a bag purify the air better. But ... When cleaning reusable bags, you will have to forget about hygiene, because the dust will fly in all directions. And if we compare the models in this matter, then, of course, vacuum cleaners with a container will be better, because cleaning them is much easier.

What to consider when buying

In the selection process, you must rely on the characteristics indicated above, and in the process of familiarization with them it will become clear which model is right for you. At the same time, the price is far from last. The price range of "bag" models is diverse, and ranges from 5 to 50 thousand rubles. And on consumables you have to spend up to 300 rubles every half a year, which can be called an insignificant amount.

The cost of vacuum cleaners with a container varies in approximately the same range. But here you have to spend from 500 to 10 000 rubles to purchase filters. But to commit such waste will have much less - once every 2-3 years.

Based on the above information, we can say that vacuum cleaners with bags of a budget category are still better than their competitors. But, only you can finally choose - based on personal preferences and a number of other factors!

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