How to turn on the water heater

Frequent interruptions in the work of utilities make users think about the need to provide their own housing with autonomous engineering networks. Regular shutdown of hot water supply is compensated by the installation of a modern economical water heater. Literacy of connection and start-up of equipment will allow to avoid breakdowns of installed equipment. And the right choice of mode will ensure a long-term operation of the unit and limit the user from unpleasant factors of consumption of hot water.

Instructions for the first start of the boiler

The purchase of heating equipment requires qualified installation and connection to all networks in accordance with the requirements of safety standards and manufacturer's recommendations. If the user has the skills to carry out plumbing and electrical installation works, then he makes the connection on his own, after studying the instructions.

IMPORTANT! Grounding is carried out in accordance with the requirements of electrical safety. Such contact cannot be connected to a battery or a neutral wire, as is often done by "craftsmen". If the home ownership is not provided with the correct grounding, then it must be done. Connection literacy affects user safety.

For heating water, manufacturers offer modifications of different capacities and capacities. With a consumption of more than 3 kW, the boiler is equipped with a dedicated power supply line with an automatic connection of the corresponding power.


Regardless of who installed the boiler, the first launch is carried out as follows:

  1. It is necessary to check all the joints of the pipes for leaks, and the wiring installation of the wiring - for the rigidity of the connections.
  2. Turn off the hot supply tap of the apartment so as not to heat the water of the entire riser. Then open the valve on any of the household's hot water taps to empty the pipes.
  3. With proper installation of the water heater, the taps on the connected pipe connections are left closed. When the water is drained from the hot water supply system and the valve is open, you must first open the "cold" tap, and then - "hot".
  4. The filling of the heater capacity will be accompanied by the noise of the exhaust air from the open hot water tap. Then a stream of water with air bubbles will appear. After waiting for a uniform flow of water, the valve is closed.
  5. After filling the water heater, it is necessary to include it in the network. By means of an automatic machine or plug with a socket, a boiler is connected and the desired temperature for heating the water is set.

ATTENTION! Premature closing of the hot water tap when filling the boiler entails unstable operation of the heater, due to the presence of air inside the tank!

Depending on the power and capacity of the heater, after 30 minutes. or 2 hours, hot water will be ready.

Heating mode selection

Temperature adjustment can be made in the range from 30 to 80, and for some manufacturers - up to 90 degrees. The consumer, in order to save electricity, often tries to use a boiler to heat water to 35-40 degrees. This will really allow you to spend less electricity. But at this temperature inside the tank, the formation of harmful bacteria and the release of hydrogen sulfide when using heated water will begin. An indicator of this effect will be the presence of an unpleasant odor, which will appear in the first month of operation.

To avoid the growth of bacteria, water heating is required to be carried out to a temperature of 55-60 degrees. A comfortable use to regulate with a mixer. This level of heating will help to avoid the multiplication of pathogens and save ten from the formation of scale.

ATTENTION. High temperature heating up to 80-90 degrees. It is recommended to be included regularly to kill bacteria once a month or two weeks. To do this, set the regulator to a maximum of 2-3 hours. Then the water heater is transferred to the usual mode of operation.

Turning off the boiler at night, in order to save, is not always effective. Users often resort to this method of operation, but get cold water in the morning.

The durability of using a water heater depends more on how it is operated. The published information will allow you to comfortably use hot water for a long period of time.

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