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Nowadays, the modern hostess does not imagine her kitchen without its main attribute - an oven. If earlier the oven was associated only with pies and baked potatoes, then modern models can boast more features such as a steamed park, a grill, and some can even replace a microwave. The market is developing and, most often, finding an assistant for many years of service has recently become increasingly difficult.

Conventionally, the choice of an oven is divided into 4 criteria:

Heating method

There are two ways - using gas or electricity. Gas ovens are considered less convenient and safe than electric ones. Devices of this type cannot be accurately calibrated to suit your needs, and gas leakage can lead to very tragic consequences, but modern devices have protection against such situations, so there’s no need to talk about high danger.

Electric ovens are the exact opposite. In such devices, you can adjust the temperature of the heating element to fit your needs, set the fine work settings that are missing in gas furnaces. But in such devices there is some risk - for example, overloading the electric network can lead to its failure, and in case of frequent use of the oven, serious costs will be incurred.

Embedding method: dependent and independent

Dependent type of installation refers to devices that are equipped with a hob, so the installation space is very limited - you can’t install such ovens inside the furniture set.

An independent installation method relates to stoves that do not have a hob. They are much smaller, they can be installed in cabinets, put on the floor or window sill of your kitchen;

Oven volume

It all depends on the number of people who will eat dishes from the oven. For a small family of three people, a device with a volume of 37 to 45 liters is quite enough. For large families, from 50 to 70 liters will be more suitable;

Additional functions

This is a secondary criterion when choosing an oven, but some functions make cooking easier at times:

Convection - thanks to the fan installed inside, the food is fried evenly, because a stream of hot air blows it from different sides. Thanks to the skewer, barbecue can be cooked directly in the oven, since a special device will slowly turn the food over, baking it even more evenly.

It is also worth paying attention to the way to control the oven. Mechanical control is considered more reliable, but there is no way to fine-tune the functions of the device, which gives a touch screen. It is less reliable because high power surges can damage, or even destroy the panel. When using such devices, you need to be careful and purchase electric current stabilizers that will prevent unpleasant surprises.

The number of heating elements in the device plays an important role for those who cook a lot. The more of them, the higher the possibility of baking several dishes at once.

TOP 10 ovens of 2018

Given the above criteria, we have selected for you the best offers that will help you in choosing a good device:

  1. Gorenje GP 979X. This model belongs to the category of premium devices, but it is well worth the money. Its volume is 73 liters, which allows you to cook about 5 dishes at a time. This is also made possible by the convection function, thanks to which the heat is evenly distributed over all baking sheets. The oven has 16 degrees of heating. It has 4 glasses installed, which protect against accidental burning, since the glass does not heat up.

Price: 90 thousand rubles;

  1. Bosch HRG 656XS2. This oven has great functionality. A steam function was added to it, which is responsible for creating a soft filling inside and a crust on the outside. It has a built-in mode that provides the rise of the test, as well as other functionality. Fifteen heating modes allow you to make dishes with varying degrees of roasting.

Price: 100,000 rubles;

  1. Siemens CN678G4S1. This oven is one of the most expensive devices on the oven market, but has a large number of functions: a pyrolytic cleaning function, in which all fat deposits on the walls inside are burned by very high temperatures. The oven has a microwave function with different power levels. There is a food preparedness sensor, as well as a steam function. Volume 45 liters.

Price: 150,000 rubles;

  1. Bosch HBN539S5. The device belonging to the budget category has 8 heating functions, as well as three glasses that interfere with strong heating of the outer glass. There is only one telescopic guide. Thanks to a special energy consumption system, you can save about 20 percent of electricity.

Price: 30,000 rubles;

  1. Hotpoint-Ariston FTR 850. This oven has 8 programs, as well as a convection function, so uniform roasting in such an oven is guaranteed. The volume of the oven is 56 liters. Design done in retro style. The oven has a timer, as well as a convenient control menu.

Price: 25,000 rubles;

  1. Rommelsbacher BG 1650. This electric furnace is a type of freestanding device. Its power is 1600 watts, and the volume is 40 liters. Thanks to the internal lighting, you can control the cooking process. The built-in timer will remind you that the food has been cooked. This model has protection against overheating, as well as convenient mechanical control.

Price: 23,000 rubles;

  1. Simfer M4559. This device is also a desktop device, its power is 1400 watts. The door consists of two glasses; internally it can be removed for washing. There is a convection function. Management is possible using the digital menu, as well as two mechanical switches.

Price: 15,000 rubles;

  1. Samsung NV70K1341BG. This oven is from a reliable manufacturer. The maximum heating is 250 degrees, and the volume is 70 liters. This oven has a convection function, as well as protection against unauthorized pressing.

Price: 23,000 rubles;

  1. MAUNFELD MGOGG 673 RIB TM. This oven is gas-fired but quite functional. There is the possibility of automatic arson, and the door consists of three layers. Its volume is 67 liters. There are 4 heating modes.

Price: 35 000 rubles;

  1. Maunfeld CEOH 6512B. Built-in oven with touch controls. Saves energy thanks to a special distribution system. Volume - 65 liters. The number of functions is 13. Convenient telescopic guides help to conveniently take out food without burning. There is protection from children. The glass in the door is 2, which minimizes the heating of the external glass panel.

Price: 35 000 rubles.

An oven is not just a baking device. Modern technologies make life easier for housewives. Although there is an extensive selection of ovens, difficulties in buying a good stove will not arise, provided the buyer is literate.

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