Latte at home without a coffee machine

Latte - sounds very exotic. Latte is perhaps the most romantic drink ... you can feel the pleasant, warm wind of Italy, inspiring thoughts of the High ...

Originally latte appeared in Italy. It was served at breakfast like regular cocoa, but over time, the exquisite taste of latte was appreciated and now this coffee has become a real treat for true gourmets.

But to receive a latte and also without a coffee machine - not everyone will believe that this is possible. Meanwhile, the recipe for this delicious, aromatic coffee made by yourself is quite simple. To do this, you must:

  • Water - 130-150 ml.
  • Ground coffee - 20-25 gr.
  • Milk 3.2% - 250 ml.
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Chocolate, cinnamon (optional).

Step-by-step steps for making latte at home without a coffee machine

Latte is a very delicate coffee and consists of three layers: milk-coffee-foam. Each step of its preparation should be taken very carefully - of course, if you want to get a real, Italian drink, and not just coffee with milk.

  • First of all, you need to brew coffee using any known method. Ground brew in a Turk, ordinary soluble just enough to pour boiling water. But for the preparation of a delicious drink, it is certainly better to use more expensive varieties and, moreover, it is advisable to choose stronger coffee.

Important! Coffee should be hotter than milk, so Turku, so that the coffee does not cool down so quickly, after preparation, can be put in a bowl of warm water.

  • We heat the milk to a temperature of 50-70 degrees - the fatter the milk - the better the foam, do not forget about it. You can heat the milk in the microwave. At this point, sugar is sometimes added to milk - but this is not necessary. In Italy, this drink is preferred in its "pure" form.

Important! Be sure to ensure that milk does not boil, otherwise it will be more difficult to get foam.

  • Cooking foam. Pour milk into any convenient container and beat for about 3-5 minutes with a mixer until air foam is obtained.

Reference! To obtain foam, a French press is often used. Just shake the milk to froth using the press itself.

  • Pour milk into a glass, followed by coffee and you're done - and say it, according to popular wisdom, is much easier than to do. Adding coffee is the most crucial moment of the whole procedure. It depends on whether the result is a real latte or something more like cocoa. Coffee should not come in contact with the foam, so it must be poured slowly in a very thin stream along the edge of the glass. It turned out three distinctly distinguished layers. So that the layers are visible, and the drink is not only tasty but also beautifully designed, it is advisable to use a special tall irish glass.

Reference! You can add coffee by dropping a teaspoon to the very top of the foam and pouring it into the center of the spoon.

  • Sugar - to taste and now everything is ready.

How can I diversify this drink

For decoration and a more refined taste, you can sprinkle latte with cinnamon or grated chocolate. On hot, summer days, it is especially pleasant to taste Ice Latte, for which ice is added to the glass before cooking.

But of course, adding syrup is considered the most common way to diversify this drink - it makes the latte even more tasty and unusual.

Varieties of coffee latte made at home.

With the addition of "Irish Cream" syrup

Gives coffee a pleasant cream flavor. The method of preparation is the same, only before adding milk to the glass, cool syrup is poured into the glass.

Blueberry syrup as a gourmet

To give the drink an unusual taste and pleasant aroma, you need 50 ml of blueberry syrup. It should be added in the same way - before starting cooking and slightly cool.

Latte special

This coffee makes 1 tbsp special. l liqueur Baileys. Its recipe is slightly different: before adding liquor, the glass must be warmed up in warm water. The method of making coffee also has its own peculiarity: you must immediately remove the Turk from the fire as soon as the foam appears so that the coffee does not boil.

With invigorating cinnamon and vanilla

The cooking method is standard. The only difference is that cinnamon is added to the turku along with vanilla sugar. The taste is very soft, for real gourmets. And cinnamon not only gives the drink a pleasant aroma, but also improves metabolism and helps maintain shape.

Classic art latte

The easiest and most beautiful way. It is enough to make coffee, heat the milk - be sure to a temperature of 60-65 - beat it, but this time pour the milk into the coffee. But if an ordinary latte in this case is quite simple to prepare, then it will not be so easy to cope with its second point - getting a picture.

The easiest way to get a beautiful picture is to use a stencil, professionals often use a toothpick to create a picture, with which they can create a whole work of art.

General recommendations for making coffee

Summing up, we can once again recall that ground coffee of expensive varieties, medium roasting, milk from 3.2% fat is best suited for a tasty drink.

Do everything gradually, paying special attention to the addition of coffee, and over time, the process of preparing the latte at home, it will bring only joy and the most pleasant memories of a trip to beautiful Italy.



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