What is better fuser or boiler in a coffee machine

The fuser and the boiler are two fundamentally different solutions for heating water in a coffee machine. They differ in purpose (for household and professional devices), heating rate and volume of the final product. Thermoblocks can produce a small amount of coffee very quickly. Boilers are usually installed in large professional coffee machines.

Thermoblock Description

Principle of work, a brief definition

Thermal block - this is a heating mechanism that takes small portions (15-25 ml.) of cold water from the tank of the coffee machine and heats it as necessary.

Structurally made of two metal blocks welded together. One part of the block forms passages in the form of a labyrinth through which water flows.

The other part is a system of powerful electric heating elements. Cold water in the maze instantly heats up to the desired temperature and enters the brewing compartment of the coffee machine, from where the already prepared foamy drink oozes into the cup.

Characteristics of this type of water heater

Thermoblocks can be made of various metals, such as steel, aluminum or brass. Each metal has its pros and cons.

Stainless steel thermoblock cases are the most resistant to microcracking, but are prone to scale deposits when heated. This requires more frequent prevention of the coffee machine.

Aluminum enclosures retain heat better than others, do not accumulate deposits, but are most susceptible to thermal destruction. The fuser bodies made of brass are in the middle. Unlike aluminum, they are less destroyed due to temperature fluctuations, but they retain heat worse and accumulate deposits.

Important! Coffee machines with aluminum fuser blocks are undesirable for people with kidney failure. A small dose of aluminum with each new cup of coffee can be harmful to your health.

Examples of manufacturers of coffee machines with fuser

Coffee machines equipped with thermoblocks are present in the model range of such manufacturers as Delonghi, Jura, Philips, Krups, Scarlett and others.

What is a boiler?

Short description

The boiler is a metal chamber for water with a heating element located at the bottom of the chamber. The coffee machines equipped with a boiler are great for commercial or industrial use, when you need great productivity.

Boiler device allows you to heat and keep a significant amount of water hot. Thanks to this, the efficiency of the coffee machine in places of mass service of people increases. However, recently manufacturers began to equip small boilers and coffee machines designed for domestic use.

Operating principle

The spiral-shaped filament of the heating element converts electrical energy into heat, thereby heating the water in the boiler. The required volume of heated water through a special valve is fed into the brewing compartment, and from there into the cup.

Manufacturers and brands of coffee machines with a boiler

There are 3 main types: coffee machines with a single boiler, heat exchanger or double boiler.

The type of coffee machine you choose depends on the type of coffee drinks you intend to make. For example, an ideal option for making a cappuccino is a machine with two boilers.

The second boiler allows you to instantly switch from the steam supply to brewing coffee, so milk foam almost does not have time to settle.

Among the manufacturers of boiler-type coffee machines are such well-known brandslike Kitfort, Philips, Saeco, DeLonghi, Polaris, Vitek and others.

Comparative characteristics of the boiler and fuser

Advantages and disadvantages of the fuser

The advantages of thermal blocks include:

  • stable dry steam;
  • electric energy consumption per 1 cup of coffee is lower than that of a boiler;
  • instant heating of water;
  • compactness and relatively less weight.


  • a high probability of blockages due to narrow passages for heating water and leaks due to the gradual destruction of the fuser body (especially applies to models with an aluminum body);
  • the actual period of operation without repair does not exceed 3-5 years.

Pros and cons of a boiler

The main advantages of the boiler:

  • constant support of the required temperature of a significant volume of water;
  • low probability of blockages;
  • long service life (especially boilers with cases made of copper alloys or stainless steel).


  • waiting for heating water after a long break in work (usually up to 10 minutes);
  • the average boiler cost is higher than the fuser.


For home or office use, a more suitable option is a coffee machine equipped with a thermal block. The impeccable speed of preparing your favorite drink plus reduced energy costs will delight even demanding and zealous coffee lovers.

For public service organizations (cafes, restaurants, canteens, banquet rooms, etc.), boiler-type coffee machines are suitable due to the need to prepare a large volume of coffee drinks per unit time.

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