What is the freshness area in the refrigerator

The refrigerator has long turned into a high-tech kitchen appliance, the functions of which are indispensable in everyday life. Refrigeration equipment by its standards has two working climatic zones: a refrigerator with a temperature of +3 to +8 degrees, designed for storing perishable foods and a freezer for freezing fish, meat, convenience foods, vegetables and fruits for the winter period.

Freshness zone - This is the compartment in the refrigerator, which is designed to store fresh fruits and vegetables, and contains a temperature of 0 to +1 degrees Celsius. This environment negatively affects the development of harmful bacteria in food, preserves the maximum of useful substances.

Technological advances keep pace with the times, and the professionals of the German company Liebherr are closely engaged in the development of a new zone in the refrigeration system. In order to optimize and improve the existing equipment, they made adjustments to its interior.

The novelty was introduced to society in 1996 and was referred to as Biofresh, orfreshness zone (Fresh Zone). This term refers to a separate compartment in the refrigerator, where the temperature meets the above requirements. For her, the third or fourth part of the device is usually assigned in the form of a shelf, container, box or box.

What is the freshness area for?

Many people believe that food can be stored in an ordinary refrigerator, without attaching special importance to various zones. But if you look at the nuances, weigh the pros and cons, then the conclusions suggest themselves. So when is the fresh zone necessary:

  • A new member of the family has appeared in the family - a small child who needs fresh bait. The temperature of this sector is ideal for a children's menu.
  • If you are a fan of “silent hunting” and the trip to the forest was successful, you can put some of the collected mushrooms in the refrigerator, because it’s hard to do all the work at the same time both mentally and physically.
  • You are committed to a healthy diet, and most of your diet consists of fresh herbs, vegetables, and other foods.
  • The dairy products on your table are exclusively homemade. Shelf life is inferior to the store, but with a fresh zone, the formation of sour-milk bacteria will be postponed for some time.
  • You are a lover of big purchases, therefore meat or fish is always taken with a margin. In order not to freeze everything, a part can be used within a few days by storage in a separate sector.
  • “Delicate” blanks before a big celebration require special care and respect, because not only the quality of the banquet, but also the health of the guests will depend on this.
  • You often postpone cooking “for later”, so the meat has to be thawed and frozen several times.
  • You went on a diet and you can only quench your desire to eat with fresh products, which have recently been in the freshness zone.

From the above, we can conclude that this kind of pleasure becomes not just a luxury, but an everyday necessity.

In which models is provided

When choosing a refrigerator, you can immediately understand whether there is a fresh area equipped. There are no questions left at the sight of the brands "Fresh Box", "Zero-N-Fresh", "Vita Fresh", "Natura Fresh" and the like. The cost of such products exceeds the average price category. It’s hard to say anything about a specific amount, but basically it differs from ordinary refrigerator models by 20-30%.

The well-known Samsung company also offers several options for its products: Cool Select Zone - a refrigerator with a built-in box and adjustable temperature, Chilled Room and Fresh Room - more functional and popular devices in the world market.

LG experts presented three analogs of refrigeration units: Opti Fresh Zone (a box that maintains temperature conditions throughout the entire time from -1 to +1 degrees); Opti-Temp Zone (built-in container, the temperature in which is independently regulated according to needs), Zero Zone (designed specifically for fruits and vegetables, formed in a separate box with a lid).

Dry and wet areas of freshness and their differences

Food products need storage conditions with different percentages of humidity and temperature conditions.

So, products of natural and plant origin need humidified air, and meat products need drier air. Because of this, two fresh zones have been developed:

  • Wet Freshness Area - temperature from 0 to +3 ° С with humidity up to 95%. Preserves berries, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms in its original form for more than a week, and root crops for more than a month. Then, as in a simple refrigerator, the processes of decay begin to appear on the third day.
  • Dry zone of freshness - the temperature is set from -1 to 0 ° C, humidity 50%. It is used for storing cheese, sausages, meat and fish products, sea delicacies. Products may be contained in this sector for about a week.

Most often, refrigerators are sold from one of the fresh zones. But with a great desire, you can purchase a refrigeration device with two equipped containers, and this will be a great solution.

The zero zone is a place in the refrigerator where the temperature is as close as possible to 0 ° C. An example of this can be store windows with sausages, where all products are chilled, but there is no freezing. At its core, the zero zone is all that freshness zone, but there are still some differences. According to the design features of the refrigerator, the zero compartment can be placed both in the center and in the lower or upper part.

The zero chamber is more versatile and is suitable for any perishable products, because it has an independent cooling system. Often a thin snow crust freezes on products due to low temperature. To avoid this, just put what is needed in a plastic bag. This usually happens with high humidity.

How to care for a fridge containing fresh zone

There is no special secret to the care of this type of refrigerator, because it, like any equipment, requires a careful attitude to itself. Before you begin to work, you should perfectly study the operating rules, features of the robots and general characteristics.

So that after its inclusion there was no unnecessary noise, refrigeration equipment must be installed correctly, on a flat surface. Before wet cleaning, the refrigerator must be unplugged and follow simple safety rules.

A common problem of housewives is a bad smell inside. This is a consequence of improper storage of products or non-observance of elementary rules of cleanliness and order. If the refrigerator is not designed for a certain temperature, in no case can you put it on the regulator, because this threatens with problems in the engine, or complete combustion.

In the event of a breakdown, without special knowledge, it is extremely undesirable to start repairing yourself. The inside of the refrigerator has a complex structure that needs professional inspection.

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