How to make espresso in a coffee machine

Even the most expensive coffee machines will not make coffee on their own. Therefore, in order to enjoy delicious and aromatic espresso every day, you should familiarize yourself with the technology of its preparation.

Making espresso

Espresso - This is a coffee drink, which is characterized by the presence of a dense structure, thick foam and a bright aroma of coffee.

Espresso is the basis for most other coffee drinks and the final taste depends on the quality of its preparation.

It’s noted that brewing espresso is a rather complicated process, since the final taste of the drink is influenced by many factors:

  • coffee bean variety;
  • amount of coffee used;
  • water quality.

Attention! In Italy, there are relatively many factors affecting the final taste of coffee, there is a different opinion, Italians believe that the type of coffee, the quality of its processing, the observance of technology, the professionalism of a person are important in the process of preparation. At the same time, only 5% of importance falls on the last factor.

How to brew espresso in a coffee machine

At this point in time, there are a large number of recipes for making espresso. But the most popular is the classic recipe.

Classic espresso recipe

To make a classic espresso recipe you need observe the following sequence of actions:

  1. It is required to take finely ground coffee (if you use too finely ground, the drink will turn out with sediment). An ideal amount is 7-8 grams of coffee (a teaspoon without a slide). Coffee is poured into the holder of the coffee machine.
  2. It is necessary to compact the coffee tightly - this will give the drink strength and saturation.
  3. Press the button to start cooking.
  4. Making coffee will end after 30 seconds. The drink should be poured into preheated cups (you can use the cup heating function, which is present in the coffee machine).

If you own a pendant coffee machine, then it will do part of your work on its own - you won’t have to calculate the required amount of coffee and tamp it.

Subject to the entire technology of preparation, the drink should have the consistency of syrup and a rich aroma.

Cooking secrets

In order to prepare high-quality espresso, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. After the preparation of the drink, the foam should have a golden-nut shade, smoothly turning into dark brown. Perhaps a reddish tint of foam. If, after preparing an espresso, the foam can be much lighter due to insufficient extraction (less than 30 seconds), very low temperature (less than 88 degrees), poor-quality coffee packing or low pressure (less than 9 bar). Therefore, in order to correct the situation, you need to re-prepare the drink, increasing all these indicators.
  2. If after making espresso a black ring or white bubbles are present on the surface of the cup, this may indicate an excessive dosage of coffee (more than 7 grams), too fine grinding, very high temperature (exceeding 92 degrees), high pressure (more than 10 Bar). In order to improve the quality of the drink when re-preparing espresso, all these indicators need to be reduced.
  3. In the event that the coffee machine is pre-heated (first, simple water is collected in the cup, and then only coffee), then the drink will have a more intense taste.
  4. The quality of the water used during the preparation of espresso directly affects the taste of the drink.Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to purified water.
  5. If the foam quickly disappears after the preparation of the drink, then it is worth paying attention to the roasting of coffee beans, perhaps it is insufficient.
  6. The aroma disappears very quickly from already ground coffeeTherefore, it is necessary to grind the beans immediately before preparing the drink or with the expectation that all the ground coffee will be used during the day.
  7. To prepare a fragrant and tasty drink, it is recommended to combine such coffee varieties as arabica and robusta. In the cooking process, their ratio should be 2: 1.
  8. When choosing coffee beans for espresso, it is advisable to opt for Italian roasting, in this case, the grains have a dark brown color, almost black.

Advice! In order not to dull the taste sensations while drinking the drink, it is worth serving a glass of clean cold water to the espresso.

Following the technology of making espresso and taking into account all these secrets, you can make a coffee drink that is not inferior in quality to any Italian cafeteria. And adding a few additional ingredients to espresso, you can create any other coffee drink that you like.

Watch the video: How To Make Espresso In Your Coffee Maker Step By Step Directions Below (November 2019).


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