How to choose a refrigerator bag

The quality of food products affects human health. At home, food is stored in the refrigerator, but what to do with food on the road, on a picnic or on a hike? A useful invention will help with this - an isothermal bag, which consumers are accustomed to call a “cooler bag”.

Where are cooler bags used

The movement and temporary storage of food is the main function of the cooler bag. For example, while camping, spending many hours traveling in transport or traveling.

Also, a useful invention is used to move frozen products from the store home to avoid defrosting, loss of taste.

How to choose a cooler bag on a train according to the criteria

In order for the product to fulfill its functions 100%, it lasts 5-7 years, you need to carefully examine it at the time of purchase. It is important to consider the dimensions and weight of the product, the material of the inner and outer layers and the presence of additional parts.

Product Dimensions and Weight

When choosing a cooler bag, you need to calculate in advance how it will be delivered to the resting place. If manually, it is better to select a small size (15 * 15 * 15), and if by personal transport, then you can buy a product with dimensions 55 * 50 * 65. Size does not affect its own weight, often the weight of an empty tank is 400-600 grams.

Bag material and wall thickness

All cooler bags consist of two layers - external and internal. For the external design of products, manufacturers use synthetic fabrics - nylon, polyester and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They have high strength, durability, ease of care.

The inner lining in high-quality products is represented by a layer of polyvinyl chloride with a foil surface. Poor-quality copies inside are covered with ordinary plastic film or paper. The wall thickness in the product must be at least 0.8 cm in order to maintain a low temperature for a long time.

Availability of additional parts

Additional details in the form of straps and rollers on the bottom are needed to facilitate the transportation of the cooler bag filled with products. A lock may be required if the bag is transported in the luggage compartment of public transport and there is a possibility of theft of food. Also, the lock can protect against sudden opening of the product and leakage of coolness.

What is the difference between a cooler bag and a thermal bag?

A cooler bag and a thermal bag are the same items used to cool foods away from home.

Official terminology refers to such products as "isothermal tanks." Manufacturers themselves, as well as consumers, are used to calling these capacities cooler bags.

Classification of cooler bags and thermal bags

Isothermal bags (portable refrigerators) are of the following types:

  • thermobags;
  • thermal containers;
  • car refrigerators.

Thermal bags look similar to ordinary travel bags, have a soft shape. Not suitable for transporting products in public transport, as well as dishes that easily change their shape (for example, desserts).

Thermal containers are made of rigid materials - dense fabric on a metal or plastic frame, plastic, they ideally retain the shape of the contents. Car refrigerators - also have a rigid design, a capacious volume (more than a thermal bag or a thermal container) and do not need a cold accumulator. The car refrigerator receives additional cooling from the vehicle’s power system.

The battery as an additional source of cold in the cooler bag. Selection rules

The cold battery in the cooler bag extends the cooling time. The device is a box of briquettes or plastic bags with a safe, heat-consuming saline solution.

Previously, before traveling or going to the store, the battery must be placed in the freezer for 6-7 hours. Some manufacturers supply refrigerated bags with cold batteries during manufacture. If the instance is not equipped with an additional source of coolness, then you can do it yourself.

When choosing a cold accumulator, you need to pay attention to the characteristics:

  1. type of device;
  2. the form;
  3. the size.

Today, salt, gel and silicone types of batteries are available to consumers. The salt device is a plastic container filled with water-salt solution. It holds the temperature up to 24 hours, but has a wide temperature range - from -19 to +7 degrees.

Gel cold accumulators are most popular among buyers because of the long-term retention of coolness - up to 5-6 days. They are a bag of durable film, inside filled with a safe gel for health.

Silicone outwardly look not gel, but inside are filled with silicone filler. This is the most reliable form that can hold the temperature for up to 7 days, but it has a small temperature range - from 0 to +2 degrees.

How to extend cool time

Even if the cooler bag is needed for several hours, it is better to play it safe and keep cool longer than this time. To do this, it must be opened solely as needed, not overloaded with content. The best option is to supplement the bag with a cold battery.

Tips for choosing a quality cooler bag

Before you go in search of a cooler bag, you need to determine the size of the device. The volume of the cooling bag affects the amount of food and drinks that you can take with you, as well as the rate of change of temperature inside (the larger the volume, the longer the cool). At the point of sale, you need to pay attention to the features:

  1. outer layer material - it is better to choose a water-repellent, it is easier to clean;
  2. inner layer - it must be foil;
  3. the presence of pens for comfortable wearing of the product.

Important! When buying, you need to take into account the presence of mounts for the cold accumulator. It is better to buy a product prepared in advance for installing an additional source of cold.


To protect yourself and your loved ones from stale foods at a picnic, during a trip or to keep food frozen on the way home from the store, you should use cooler bags.

The size and type of the item must be selected according to individual preferences or as needed (for example, if the family is large, then the bag should also contain a large number of products). You can extend the period of coolness in such a bag with the help of a cold accumulator.

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