How to use a coffee maker

There are many ways to make coffee. The essence of making coffee comes down to brewing, it must be poured with freshly boiled water, but in no case should it be boiled.

  • You can pour ground coffee with boiling water in a cup.
  • You can use the coffee machine to make coffee by simply passing a stream of boiled water through a serving of ground coffee.
  • You can use the high-tech model with a wide range of options: fortress control, portion adjustment, cappuccino preparation, the possibility of making coffee from ground or ground coffee, auto power off, and much more.

In terms of design, the choice is also unlimited: from minimalist to coffee machines with gilded fittings. The choice depends on how much you love coffee, on taste preferences and financial capabilities.

The article describes the most popular types of coffee makers, provides generalized instructions for their use.

Attention! Regardless of the type of coffee machine, it must be cleaned before first use. Wash parts that are not in contact with electricity. Parts in which the wires and the heating element are wipe. Then pour water into the water tank and start the coffee machine without coffee powder to flush the hidden parts. The idle start procedure is best repeated 2-3 times.

Important! Regardless of the type of coffee machine, it is recommended to use purified water. It can be filtered tap water or bottled. Tap water without treatment will spoil the taste of the drink, reduce the life of the coffee maker.

On a note:There are norms and recipes for various coffee drinks:

  • espresso - 7-9 g of ground coffee per 30 ml of water;
  • Americano - 7-9 g of coffee per 120 ml of water;
  • cappuccino - 7-9 g of coffee, 30 ml of water, 30 ml of milk, 30 ml of frothed milk;
  • other recipes.

The main charm of the coffee machine at home is that you can pour and pour in the proportions that you like, add milk and syrups to your taste. And it is not so important how this drink would be called in a coffee shop! You can experiment endlessly!

The same drink can be prepared, for example, from Arabica and Robusta. The taste will be markedly different. You can experiment with the fat content of the milk or cream used.

Geyser coffee maker how to use

Invented almost 200 years ago in England, the geyser coffee maker retains its popularity today.

The principle of its action is similar to the natural phenomenon of the same name. Water is heated in the lower part and is thrown under pressure to the upper, passing through a portion of ground coffee along the way.

This coffee machine consists of three parts: the bottom is for water, the middle is for ground coffee and the top is for the finished drink. It can be heated on a gas or electric stove, as well as from the electrical network through a wall outlet or run on a battery.


  1. pour water into the water tank;
  2. pour ground coffee into the filter;
  3. assemble and twist all 3 parts of the coffee maker;
  4. put the coffee maker to heat up, in the case of heating on a gas stove, make sure that only the bottom heats up, there should be no flame on the walls;
  5. you will hear a characteristic noise when the drink enters through the geyser, as soon as the noise stops, immediately remove the coffee maker from the stove;
  6. wait a few minutes for the coffee to fully stack in the tank for the finished drink.


How to use a drip coffee maker

The drip coffee maker is easy to operate and affordable. This makes it the most popular model for home use.

Some coffee makers are equipped with nylon filters or "gold" with a titanium coating. The convenience of such filters is reusable. However, they require an extremely careful attitude: they are suitable only for coarse coffee, they need to be thoroughly cleaned. With careful use, the nylon filter will last at least 2 months, the "gold" - for about six months.

The most hygienic and easy to use are disposable paper filters. The structure of such a filter allows the use of coffee of any grinding, preserving the aroma of the drink, but retaining particles of powder and oil.

Important! When choosing disposable paper filters, you need to know the size of the coffee tank in your drip coffee maker. Filters should be suitable in size, otherwise unpleasant surprises cannot be avoided (water dripping past coffee into the flask, or coffee powder that “escaped” beyond the edges of the filter and fell into the flask, simultaneously staining half the coffee maker and providing you with cleaning work).

Brew coffee in a drip coffee maker quickly and comfortably:

  1. pour water into the water tank;
  2. open the container for ground coffee;
  3. when using disposable filters, place the filter in a container for the filter; when using reusable filters, make sure that the filter is clean;
  4. pour ground coffee into the filter;
  5. close the container;
  6. press the power button;
  7. You will hear a characteristic noise when boiling water and passing it through the departments of the coffee maker;
  8. when the noise stops, wait a few minutes for the drink to completely pass from the filter into the flask, the coffee is ready.


How to use a carob coffee maker

The horn coffee makers got their name because of the obligatory presence of a horn through which ready coffee is poured into the cup. Such coffee makers are popular for the quality of the prepared drink.

From ground coffee, a tablet is formed in a cone, and water passes under pressure through compressed coffee.

It is recommended to use medium and coarse coffee, which provides a particularly rich aroma to the finished drink.

Models with a cappuccino machine are deservedly popular. Cappuccino maker - This is a special nozzle that whips milk into a dense foam. In addition to aromatic espresso, coffee makers with such nozzles can prepare cappuccino and latte. You can simply beat the cappuccino milk to pamper the baby.

If you have or will have a carob coffee maker, then you are a connoisseur of coffee, and the cooking process will be a great pleasure:

  1. pour water into a water tank;
  2. type ground coffee in the capacity of the horn, compress it;
  3. attach the horn to the coffee maker body;
  4. place a cup for the drink under the nozzle of the horn;
  5. press the power button;
  6. You will hear a characteristic noise, this high-pressure water flows into the horn; after a few seconds, the finished drink will pour into the cup;
  7. the cooking process usually takes no more than 2 minutes, the noise stops, then the drink stops pouring, the espresso is ready.

To make a cappuccino or latte, you will additionally need:

  1. pour milk into a special container, and in its absence - into any tall cup or glass;
  2. lower the cappuccino tube into the container;
  3. press the cappuccino button;
  4. the cappuccino machine will froth the milk and shut off;
  5. pour the frothed milk into the espresso, your cappuccino is ready.

At the end of the preparation of the drink, you need to discard the used coffee powder, it is advisable to rinse the strainer for ground coffee.

How to use a capsule coffee maker

Capsule coffee makers are easy to use, easy to maintain and make it possible to prepare high-quality drinks.

Water is supplied at high pressure (from 15 bar), which ensures the speed of preparation, the preservation of aroma, and low pollution of the coffee maker. In the hole for the capsule there is a needle that punctures the capsule shell immediately before preparing the drink.

There are kits for preparing various drinks on sale, for example, cappuccino, lungo, vanilla latte, etc. Such drinks will require replacing the capsule during preparation.

To make coffee using a capsule coffee machine:

  1. pour water into the water tank;
  2. turn on the water heating key;
  3. put the capsule in a special hole for the capsules;
  4. place the cup on the nozzle of the coffee maker;
  5. after the indicator lights up, indicating that the water has been warmed up, press the beverage preparation key;
  6. when filling the cup, turn off the brewing key, the coffee is ready.
  7. on the package of capsules it is indicated on what volume of the drink they are designed.

During the preparation of a complex drink, when the desired level of a certain ingredient (for example, milk) is reached in the cup, turn off the beverage preparation key, replace the capsule in the compartment, and turn on the preparation key again.

How to use a Polaris coffee maker

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