How to make coffee without a turk and a coffee maker

Most people know how to make their favorite drink using turks, coffee makers or capsule devices. What to do if there are simply no coffee makers at this moment?

It is permissible to brew a full-fledged drink without a Turk or a coffee maker. Such coffee, created by non-standard methods, will not yield to the traditional method. It is important to follow the basic coffee rules and improve your own skills.

Cook on a stove in another bowl

For cooking, an enameled container is suitable: pan, ladle, stewpan. Enamel coating protects the loss of aroma. Do not take aluminum cookware. Light metal "kills" the taste and smell when heated, only copper utensils retain the properties of a coffee drink.

The pan must be prepared:

  • Rinse with baking soda, rinse thoroughly. If there is no soda, rinse with hot water, then cold. Such actions will remove the smell of the pan. Do not use simple detergents for dishes, their presence is difficult to get rid of. Traces of detergents spoil the taste of tea and coffee, so teapots and coffee pots are not recommended to be washed with soap and similar products, only baking soda with water.
  • Warm the pan by boiling a small amount of water in it.
  • Pour out hot water, wipe dry with a clean towel. The capacity is ready.

For a drink we take coffee of large or medium grinding, 2 teaspoons per serving.

Pour the required amount into the pan, pour water at the rate of 150-170 ml per serving. Pouring the powder with cold unboiled water, we get a drink of enhanced strength. More caffeine will pass into the water due to the duration of heating.

Pouring ground coffee with already warmed up water, but not boiling, we will achieve a soft strength and strong aroma.

Put on the stove, turn on a slow fire. No need to try to speed up the process; getting the perfect drink takes time. Carefully heat, do not interfere, maintain the integrity of the foam. As soon as the foam begins to rise, remove from heat, let stand 1.5-2 minutes. Re-set on fire, continue heating until foam rises. Repeat the warm-up cycle 3 times, this will be enough.

Turn off the fire, cover the pan with a lid and let the drink brew for 3-7 minutes, the exposure time depends on the volume of water. The drink is gently, without shaking the grounds, poured into heated cups, you can use a fine strainer to remove coffee grounds. Served in black, sugar, cream, milk served separately, preferences and tastes are different.

Brew coffee in a cup

The brewing cup is taken ceramic, with thick walls. Coffee does not like temperature changes, therefore, dishes for making a drink should retain heat. Earthenware and pottery ceramics are the most suitable containers to maintain a constantly high temperature of the drink.

Take coffee finely ground, at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 160-170 ml of water.

Warm the cup, pouring almost boiling water into it, pour and wipe it dry. Put the ground powder there. In a kettle or other utensil, bring the water to a boil, but do not boil.

Important! Coffee cannot be roasted with boiling water.

Pour water into the cup with a thin stream in a circular motion in a spiral, from the center to the edges. Pouring coffee powder in this way can be seen as the drink "blooms", creating a chic foam. Sprinkle a little sugar on top and cover the cup. Leave to insist 2-5 minutes to taste and desire. During this time, large particles of thick will settle to the bottom.

Easy to make coffee in the microwave. Warm up the cup, wipe dry, pour in finely ground coffee. Pour in water, put in the microwave. Turn on the heat, watch the coffee foam. As soon as the foam begins to rise, stop heating.

Allow the drink to brew for 1.5-2 minutes, to improve the strength, the heating can be repeated up to 3 times. You should not heat more, the aroma will disappear.

Important points in brewing coffee without a turk and coffee maker

A water temperature of 100 degrees is not suitable for making drinks, boiling water will burn the taste and aroma.

Prolonged and repeated, more than 3 times, heating will make the aroma poor. To strengthen the strength of the drink, put more ground raw materials, select "your" amount.

Hot drinks are served in hot dishes, so pour the finished drink into warmed cups.

Drink freshly made coffee, it is believed that green beans can be stored for up to 10 years, properly roasted - no more than 1 month, ground - 3 days, prepared drink - 20 minutes.

Important! Drink coffee immediately.

Brown sugar - a great companion for coffee, added to the drink, enrich its taste. White sugar is not so good because of its refinement, but it is also used to make a “soft” sweet drink.

A little sugar, poured onto the surface of the coffee film in a mug or pan, will accelerate the settling of coffee grounds to the bottom.

More ways to brew coffee

Filtered coffee in a glass. You will need: a tall glass, a mug or a jar, other thick-walled dishes for a drink, a paper filter for coffee, tasty water and a funnel of a suitable size. The coffee filter should fit comfortably in the funnel.

Full-fledged coffee is obtained only from freshly roasted beans. To prepare the drink, grinding “coarse sugar” will be required; no fine powder should be made. We build a construction for welding: a container, place a funnel on top, insert a filter. We warm the structure by pouring hot water through a paper filter and a funnel into the tank. In a circular motion, wet the filter. After a minute, pour water from the can.

Pour ground coffee into a funnel with a wet filter, you need to take about 14 g per 250 ml. With water heated to a temperature of 95 degrees, carefully pour coffee carefully. A film is formed on high-quality raw materials, the "color" of the drink. The pouring time is no more than 2-3 minutes.

Gradually, the coffee is filtered off and flows into a mug. You get a flavored drink that you can immediately enjoy. In coffee, add sugar, preferably brown, milk, cream to taste, sprinkle with grated chocolate or garnish with a cap of whipped cream.

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