Geyser Type Coffee Maker

Well-known to many coffee machines are not cheap and at the same time not very convenient for home use. Coffee made with a drip coffee machine is not popular with everyone. Turk is a troublesome business. Is there an alternative for lovers of this aromatic drink?

Geyser coffee maker

Geyser Type Coffee Pot - This is the best option for the price, quality and convenience of preparing a drink. Such aluminum coffee makers were already in the days of the USSR.

The device was invented in 1933 by the Italian Bialetti. It was he who created the company, which today produces almost all the coffee makers of this type on the market.

Today, the names "Bialetti Coffee Maker" ("Moka Coffee Maker") and a geyser coffee maker mean one appliance. To this day, "Bialetti" is considered the best brand of geyser-type coffee makers. She has a laconic octagonal design and a 2-part case. It immediately became popular throughout Europe and instantly appeared in almost every kitchen. Italians especially appreciated it, where it even became a kind of symbol of the country.

Surprisingly, the “Bialetti coffee machine” was even included in the Guinness Book of Records, as the most famous coffee brewing machine in the world.

Mostly black coffee is prepared in such coffee makers, although some are able to make cappuccino. Then they are additionally equipped with a cappuccinator - a frother. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of coffee pots? The undoubted advantage of this method of making coffee is that as a result, no precipitate (thick) is formed, so you no longer have to guess. But there are almost no cons.

How is a geyser-type coffee maker arranged and working

The device consists of 3 main parts: upper (for coffee), lower (for water) and middle (trough, for passing water from the lower to the upper).

The principle of the geyser coffee maker consists in the fact that ground grains are brewed in it with hot water supplied under pressure. It simply passes through the pressed ground coffee beans, but from the bottom up.

Passing in such an unusual order, water makes the taste of the drink more aromatic and saturated than with the usual passage from top to bottom as in drip machines. To do this, it first boils in the lower part, and the resulting steam pushes the rest of the water up. Water passes through coffee, and then flows through a tube into the upper bowl. To exit excess water, an emergency steam valve is already provided in the form of steam.

Features of making coffee in a geyser coffee maker

Coffee maker "Bialetti" is quite simple to operate. But in order for it to serve you longer, you still need to follow some simple rules.

Geyser Coffee Machine Operation Rules:

  1. Pour water into the bottom of the appliance. At the same time, its level should not exceed the maximum permissible (navigate along the line inside the device).
  2. Pour coarse coffee into the filter to the top, regardless of the number of necessary servings of the drink.
  3. Secure the top of the appliance from above.
  4. Put the coffee pot on the stove. Try not to open it while making the drink.

Useful Tips for Making Coffee in a Bialetti Coffee Maker

To get a quality drink and not to break the device, you must:

  • Be sure to use coffee beans only coarsely ground so as not to clog the filter and get an excellent result.
  • In order not to burn coffee, prepare it on the smallest burner and medium heating mode.
  • As soon as the drink flows into the upper part, you can remove it from the fire, then it will not overheat.
  • Do not let the device “snort”; this affects the quality of the drink.
  • After cooking, some water may remain in the lower bowl.
  • If you want a stronger drink, you can tamp the coffee.
  • When buying, choose a model strictly for the required number of cups, and not "in reserve".
  • The amount of water should be sufficient, with an excess, the emergency valve will work, with a lack of coffee, it will not brew enough.
  • Use the appliance for its intended purpose: do not put anything other than ground coffee and water into it.

Care and cleaning

It’s not difficult to take care of the Bialetti Coffee Maker.

Basic rules for caring for a geyser coffee pot:

  • After each use, it must be washed.
  • It is allowed to wash the device in a dishwasher, while doing this with aluminum models is not advisable.
  • When washing, do not use chemical and abrasive products, especially for aluminum models.
  • It is advisable to occasionally clean the emergency valve (2 times a year) if it is not equipped with a special system.
  • The rubber filter gasket may wear out over time and begin to let steam through. In this case, you need to replace it.

Electrical instances

What are the differences between different models of Bialetti Moka coffee makers? The principle of operation is the same for everyone. Devices can differ in volume (40-1000 ml), case material (aluminum, stainless steel, glass, ceramic) and a diverse design. This classic coffee pot with a solid history is produced by many companies in different countries.

Electric coffee makers

Electric models of a classic coffee maker - This is an improved and for many a very convenient option. They differ from ordinary ones by the presence of a heating element.

At the same time they resemble an electric kettle with a stand on which they can rotate. A significant plus of such a device is obvious: you do not need to monitor the preparation of the drink, you have free time for other things.

Some options even have a timer and you can set the time to start cooking, which is very convenient.

But the minus is that an electric outlet is not always at hand. In addition, reuse of the device is only possible after cooling. Electric models are much more expensive than conventional ones.

As a result, among the many models on the market, everyone will find what he likes in appearance and optimal cost. You can buy a geyser coffee pot not only in household appliances stores, but also in online markets.

Watch the video: Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot (November 2019).


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