How to rinse a coffee machine

For most people, the day begins with a cup of coffee. Some cannot finally wake up in the morning without taking an invigorating serving of caffeine. That is why the best friends of coffee lovers - coffee machines - have taken root in homes and offices.

Created for convenience and time saving, they carefully grind grains, brew drinks and whip foam. The task of the owners is to maintain the device in working condition. Timely flushing of the system and parts will save equipment from expensive repairs.

How to understand that it’s time to wash the coffee machine?

  1. Indicator. A light on the dashboard indicates the need for cleaning.
  2. Rumble. In the process, extraneous noise appeared.
  3. Water / steam pressure is weak.
  4. White flakes appeared in the drink.
  5. The taste of coffee has changed, a musty smell has appeared.
  6. The operating time exceeded 2 months, or more than 200 cups of the drink were prepared.

The most common cause of breakage is scale. Formed by hard water. The harder it is, the faster the plaque will increase. Mineral formations have a porous structure, bacteria gather in them, and the boiling layers can peel off and enter the drink, which impairs its taste and gives an unappetizing appearance.

Ways to wash a coffee machine

The easiest way - press the self-cleaning button. It is in many devices. To do this, read the instructions. If the manual is not preserved - find the electronic version and read.

Use a decalcifier. The tool copes with settled calcium deposits, formed as a result of using hard water. May be in the form of a liquid or tablet.

Each manufacturer indicates in the instructions which cleaning composition and which brand is best to use. If it is not possible to buy a specific decalcifier, it is worth looking for an analog or choosing a universal one. The average cost of packaging is from 1200-1500 rubles.

Important! Do not use dishwashing detergents or dishwashing liquid.

Place the tablet in the desired section, fill the tank with clean water and start the cleaning cycle, or the coffee preparation process. For advanced cases, repeat the manipulation several times.

Then, fill the compartment with filtered water again and repeat, in order to wash off the remnants of the product. Remove coffee from the tank before cleaning. If the device does not start without it, leave it in the compartment. But remember: you can’t drink the prepared coffee liquid!

Install magnetic softener. This is a special tube that is installed inside the device and due to its repulsive properties it does not allow to scale. Sold in specialized and hardware stores. Price in the region of 1500-2000 rubles. You can install it yourself according to the instructions or invite a wizard.

Special compressed tablets can be purchased to clean the internal reservoir of oils and coffee particles. They are placed in a water tank, dissolved there and, during the cleaning process, save the machine from oil deposits. All waste fluid must be poured out and a couple of cycles started for final flushing. Before use, carefully read the instructions for the tool. The price is around 800 rubles per pack.

In addition to specialized products, there is an alternative "folk" analogue - citric acid. Sold in packaged powder at any grocery store. It costs 10-15 rubles per 10 grams.

How to rinse a coffee machine with citric acid

Citric acid copes well even with a strong plaque. The product does not harm human health and the environment, is non-toxic and does not emit harmful substances when heated, is cheap and can be found in any store.

Features and proportions

Recommended proportion: 10 g per liter of water. If the scum is old and lies in a thick layer, then the dosage can be increased to 30 gr. A standard bag contains just 10 grams.

Cleaning technology

Prepare a cleaning solution in the required proportion, wait until the acid crystals dissolve. Pour liquid into the compartment with water. Run the cleaning function and watch the indicator panel - the device will tell you the sequence of steps. If this option is not available, then start the standard cooking cycle by substituting the container or cup under the spout. Repeat until the tank is empty. Then fill the compartment with clean water, prepare a few servings for the final cleaning of the system.

What to look for when cleaning

  • Once a month for preventive purposes, you can remove the internal removable parts of the machine. Rinse gently with a sponge and wipe dry. Completely disassembling the machine without urgent need is not recommended. It is better to provide this to the master.

Important! Disassemble the machine only when it is turned off.

  • If it is removable, rinse the infuser regularly under running water.
  • It is easy to rinse the cappuccino machine from the remnants of the milk mixture by lowering the intake hose into a glass of water and releasing steam several times. As soon as clean water flows out, the process is complete.
  • It is better to clean the glass flask using soda. It will not leave a chemical smell or aftertaste, unlike a detergent, and will perfectly cope with adhering residues and stains. Apply powder to a damp sponge, rub on the outside and inside. The same method is suitable for washing the holder.
  • Plastic parts and body parts should be wiped with a damp sponge and wiped dry. In case of severe contamination, use a mild detergent.

Important! Do not use hard brushes and cleaning products containing abrasive particles. Multiple scratches will remain on the plastic and the appearance of the device will become dull and unattractive.

  • Rinse the waste coffee compartment and drip tray daily under a tap and wipe dry. This will protect the machine from mold inside.
  • Use purified water to make coffee to avoid the rapid appearance of scale. Suitable bottled or filtered.
  • If the machine has not been used for a long time, be sure to clean the system and the removable parts. Pour fresh coffee and start using.

The procedure for washing the coffee machine is necessary to maintain the equipment in working condition, as well as for hygiene purposes. Make it a rule to pay regular attention to cleaning and you can delight yourself and others with a fragrant invigorating drink for a long time.

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