How to clean the drum of a washing machine

It is simply impossible to do without washing clothes. To do this manually is difficult due to lack of free time. That is why in every house you can meet a machine-machine, which allows you to get clean things without any effort.

But in order for it to last for many years and not create problems, it is important to carry out preventive cleaning in a timely manner to prevent accumulation of dirt and scale formation. In the framework of this article, we will consider in more detail how to efficiently clean the drum of a washing machine and avoid possible negative problems in the future.

How to clean the washing machine drum from dirt and scale

As already mentioned, preventive cleaning of an automatic washing machine is extremely important for the effective washing of your laundry and maintaining the operability of the machine itself over a longer period of time.

Experts recommend doing this at least 1 time in 2-3 months. This way you can prevent a sudden breakdown from scaling or clogging of the filter.

And special attention should be paid to cleaning the drum. Some models of washing machines have the function of auto-cleaning. Nevertheless, it is recommended to monitor this process in order to avoid possible problems in the future.

In fact, there are many ways and means to implement this with minimal effort and financial investment. But in the framework of this article we will consider only the basic, most common methods.

To clean the drum, pour 100 ml of bleach into it and start the program without washing. The water temperature should be more than 60 degrees. This will not only get rid of pollution, but also eliminate all unpleasant odors.

To get rid of plaque, citric acid is ideal. In an empty drum, just pour a couple of bags and start washing without laundry with the highest permissible high temperature. If there is a double rinse, then it is worth using it. Due to this, all the internal elements of your washing machine will get their original shine.

Important! After you have completed all the cleaning operations of the washing machine, leave the door ajar until all is completely dry. Otherwise, an unpleasant odor will reappear.

How to clean the drum of a washing machine

You can perform preventive cleaning of the drum of an automatic washing machine manually or in automatic mode (if such functionality is provided). To do this, you can use both chemical means designed specifically for these purposes, and the assistants that almost every housewife has: acetic essence, citric acid, soda, etc. Let us dwell on some of them in more detail.

Acetic essence is diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 3. This tool perfectly eliminates the scum of all the elements of the washing machine. Its only drawback should be noted only the negative impact on the rubber elements and the preservation of an unpleasant pungent odor over a rather long period.

More gentle means can be noted baking soda. With its help, you can cope with scale, oil and dirt. The only thing you have to spend some time, because it will need to be rubbed into the surface of the drum manually.

And the most common remedy can be noted citric acid. It eliminates not only dirt and scale, but also effectively fights fungus and mold. That is why it is so relevant among housewives.

It is also worth noting that today you can find a lot of special cleaning products designed for automatic washing machines. They are able to effectively clean all surfaces, but have a fairly high cost.

What else needs to be cleaned in the washing machine

You can visually assess the condition of the walls of the drum through the loading hatch. And if you notice limescale or rust, it is likely that the internal elements also underwent this. In addition to the drum, it is worth cleaning the remaining elements:

  • tena of heating of water;
  • hatch cuff;
  • drain path;
  • filters.

Drum contamination is possible in several ways. Equally hard particles, sand, fines, paper clips, etc., are no less rare when loading laundry into the drum. They create the most favorable environment for the development of bacteria and mold. To prevent this, it is enough to carefully check the pockets before each wash, and it is better to wash each item in a special bag.

No less dangerous are the remains of fat, which gradually turn into a dark sticky coating. As a rule, it is formed during washing of work clothes that are heavily contaminated with oil substances.

What will happen if the drum is not cleaned

To prevent dirt from entering the washing machine, carefully check all pockets of clothing for any items in them, and install appropriate filters to drain and incoming water. A responsible approach to business and the timely implementation of preventive measures can extend the period of operation of your washing machine for many years.

Having tried once one of the above methods and means, you will be able to see for yourself that taking care of the washing machine is quite simple and much more economical than making complex expensive repairs or acquiring a new one because of a breakdown that could have been prevented.

How to prevent dirt from entering the washing machine

In this article, we examined the main methods and tools used to clean the drum from various contaminants. If this is not done in a timely manner, the accumulation of plaque, dirt and grease will lead to the failure of the washing machine. If you have any difficulties or breakdowns, do not try to correct the situation yourself. Call the master who will clean and repair everything correctly.

An equally common cause of drum contamination is the use of low-quality washing preparations that are partially insoluble in water.

Scale forms on the walls of the drum gradually, which ultimately leads to failure of the device. Its main cause is the content of metal salts in water.

To prevent such a negative manifestation, it is recommended to soften the water by adding special products with the powder, as well as install flow filters to clean the incoming water.

What makes the drum dirty?

After each wash, it is important to clean the drain filter to remove solid debris and an unpleasant odor. Quite often, not only water but also small debris accumulates in the cuffs. It is important that these places are thoroughly cleaned and wiped with a dry cloth. Otherwise, this will contribute to the formation of mold and the development of numerous bacteria. If you do not have time to keep track of this, then the affected area can be treated with professional cleaning products.

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