How to clean the filter in the washing machine

In the old days, when people washed dirty linen in a river, all the garbage did not bring any discomfort to the basin.

Today, technology has come to the point that you just need to select the color of the laundry, load it into the washing machine, fill in the detergent and press a few buttons to make clothes, home textiles and other things clean.

But it is only at first glance that everything looks so cloudless, in fact, the principle of uninterrupted, successful operation of the automatic washing machine depends on many indicators. These include water quality, detergent efficiency and filter cleanliness.

Filter Part Description

Since the washing machine belongs to complex household appliances, then care for it should be professional. For safe and efficient operation of an automatic washing machine, two filters are needed - at the inlet (inlet) and outlet (drain).

There are additional filters. They are main (embedded in the water supply of the entire apartment), polyphosphate (soften the water before washing), magnetic (remove water from heavy metal particles) and filters for deep cleaning (remove large particles).

Where is the filter

The inlet filter for purifying running water is located at the junction of the machine and the inlet hose through which water enters the drum. The drain filter is located at the very bottom of the device, it is covered with a lid.

In different models of washing machines, this part is located in its place - left or right. Special water purifiers are installed in the water supply pipe.

What functions does

The main function of the filler or drain cleaners in the washing machine is the elimination of malfunctions in the device due to the ingress of debris. Special additional filters are designed to soften water, which reduces the amount of scale on the parts. They are relevant in rural areas, where the water is oversaturated with calcium and magnesium salts.

Features of the procedure for removing garbage from cleaning parts of different brands of washing machines

Manufacturers of washing machines recommend that in the event of a clogged filter, contact a service center for help. But, long accustomed to complex technology, users can do it themselves.

The filling filter in all models is cleaned equally. First you need to disconnect the unit from the mains, turn off the tap on the water and gain access to the rear of the machine. Then you need to unscrew the hose through which water enters it.

Then remove the filter (outwardly it looks like a thimble) using pliers or tweezers. Next, rinse the metal mesh of the cleaner under a stream of warm water, using a toothbrush to remove lime, then carefully place the part in place and screw on the hose.

Different brands of washing devices are slightly different from each other in structure, drain filters are also different. For example, in an Indesit washing machine, the drain filter is cleaned as follows: you need to open the bezel located on the front panel of the unit on the left or right, unscrew the cleaner plug counterclockwise and remove the inside.

After removing dirt and debris, tighten the plug clockwise until it stops. Before cleaning, put a rag under the appliance - water may leak from the filter. In Samsung household washing appliances, the sequence of the cleaning process is identical to Indesit.

Attention! The only caveat when cleaning the filter of Samsung washing machines is that you need to follow the location of the screw handle. In some models, for tight fixation, it must occupy the correct position. Otherwise, when collecting water for washing, it will inadvertently leak from the drain filter.

The drain cleaner in the lg washing machine models is located at the bottom of the appliance. To clean the compartment, you need to disconnect the machine from electricity, open the decorative panel, pull out the plug. After pulling out the protective plug, water will flow out of the hole, after which you need to carefully unscrew the filter counterclockwise. Carefully washing the part from dirt and debris, it must be twisted clockwise.

Reference! To check the tightness of the screw on the drain cleaner, pour a small amount of water into the drum. In advance you need to lay a dense rag under the machine. If water leaks from the opening, then you need to look for the correct position of the screw.

To clean the drain filter of the Bosch washing machine, you need to remove the round hatch located at the bottom of the product. If it is not, then you need to remove the lower decorative panel. Then unscrew the screw counterclockwise, remove the cleaner, remove debris and wash the part.

After that, insert the elongated part and tighten the screw clockwise. In modern models of the manufacturer, a thin drain hose is located next to the screw. Through it, you can drain water from the drum during an emergency shutdown of the device. If such a part is not provided for in the model, then you need to put a rag under the device before loosening the screw.

Determine that the cause of stopping or defective operation of the washing machine is a clogged filter, indicate the following symptoms:

  1. Slow draining after washing or rinsing.
  2. The device stops the operation and does not continue it even after restarting the program.
  3. The display shows a fault code (it is individual from different manufacturers) or a malfunction signal is issued.
  4. One of the programs does not start: rinse, spin.

Also, an unusual sound accompanying the operation of the device may indicate a clogged filter. Even women can correct the error on their own, the main thing is to figure out how and how to do it.

Accessories for cleaning filter parts

Large particles entering the cleaner can be carefully removed by hand. It can be hair, buttons, metal money, etc. To wash the part you will need a brush on a long handle - a toothbrush, for painting hair, cleaning the device for cutting. The maximum purity of the filter can be achieved by wiping it with a fine-cloth.

What will happen if you do not clean the filter in the washing machine

The smallest violation in the operation of the device is the first way to break it. The most harmless consequence of ignoring the systematic cleaning of the filters is to stop the washing machine. In the worst case, if you do not clean the filter even if a malfunction occurs, the unit may break permanently.

Useful Tips

Even if you have at hand detailed user instructions, an online assistant, the first cleaning of the drain filter may end in an unpleasant ending. To avoid trouble, you can use the tips:

  1. Before unscrewing the lid of the cleaner, a dense rag must be placed under the bottom of the washing machine. This must be done to prevent water from flowing under the appliance.
  2. Do not wipe the inside of the filter with a rag with a large pile.
  3. Before you start cleaning the parts of the device, it must be disconnected from the power supply.

These rules are common to all models of washing machines. To rid yourself of the problem of clogging of cleaners, preventive measures must be followed.

Operating rules so that the filter does not clog

You can avoid the problem of clogging the drain filter if you follow the rules of its operation. First: flush the part regularly so that dirt does not accumulate. If you wash 1-2 times a day or 1 time every other day, then it is enough to carry out such measures once every 3 months. Second: you need to carefully check the pockets and other grooves in dirty laundry to avoid dirt and small parts getting into the drum. And the third rule: do not use unverified detergents. It is best to test them with a hand wash, because large accumulations of the components of these products can dissolve poorly in water and clog the filter (for example, when washing in a low temperature mode).

Important! The presence of beads, rhinestones and other jewelry on clothes and underwear is not a reason to wash them with your hands. To do this, you can use the washing machine, but before washing, put things in a special bag and put them in the drum in this form.


Even a procedure such as cleaning the filters of a washing machine is not a problem for a competent and clever housewife. Knowing how to act correctly when the cleaner is clogged, you can solve the problem without any help. In case of difficulty (for example, the screw is stuck to the thread), it is better to contact the master for help.

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