How to care for a washing machine

It is unlikely that today you can find a house where there is no such necessary piece of equipment as a washing machine. In families with small children, this unit is a real salvation. With an automatic machine, you don’t have to bother to hand wash, but rather set aside time for other things or allow yourself to relax.

If the device is not properly serviced, do not monitor its cleanliness, its service life will be reduced. Caring for the washing machine ensures that it does not fail prematurely, and year after year it will save at least part of the daily household chores.

How to care for the washing machine

Before operating the unit, read the instructions. The information and recommendations contained in it will be useful when using the device and caring for it.

  1. Any care for a household appliance begins with its proper installation. The unit should be placed on a flat surface in order to avoid strong vibration and noise.
  2. An important step in the maintenance of the device is to maintain the cleanliness of both its internal and external elements. This is necessary for both safety and hygiene.
  3. The surface of the unit must be completely free.
  4. The duration of operation is also affected by water quality. To soften the water, special products should be added during washing. This will prevent scale formation on the heating element, a common cause of breakdowns.
  5. Keep the drain pump clean at regular intervals.

How to care for a washing machine so that it does not rust

Rust is one of the main enemies of the washing machine. To prevent its occurrence, thoroughly wipe all elements of the appliance after each wash. When the unit is not used, the powder tray and door should always be left slightly ajar, to completely evaporate moisture.

Important! You can remove rust from the components of the washing machine by preparing a soap solution and armed with an unnecessary toothbrush.

What washing agents are better to use in a washing machine

What kind of powder is used is also important for the proper functioning of washing machines. Bad powder often clumps, resulting in clogged trays. This can cause a flood. Also, a certain amount of poor-quality products may remain in the tray after washing. Buying cheap powders is a false saving, because soon you will have to think about what is the reason for the failure of the washing machine.

When choosing a bulk detergent or gel, you must be guided by the mark "Automatic" on the packaging of the goods. The composition of such funds is developed taking into account all the necessary indicators. It is forbidden to put the detergent in the machine.

A common mistake of housewives is adding too much powder to the machine. Excess foam generated as a result of such actions adversely affects indoor units, the rubber seal, and the clothing itself.

How does water quality affect a washing machine

To ensure the smooth operation of the washing machine, it is important that the water is of proper quality. Its increased rigidity contributes to the formation of scale, which negatively affects the heating element. This is one of the most common causes of malfunction of the washing machine. The problem of water hardness is relevant for most urban residents, as its condition is often not normal.

Important! Self-testing of water hardness can be done with special test strips that are available in stores.

An ad featuring water softeners is familiar to everyone. You can choose any brand of product. Softeners of most companies are quite expensive. But there are options much more economical.

You can clear the elements of scale with the help of a harmless and affordable citric acid. She fell asleep, in the amount of 200 grams in the powder compartment and turn on the maximum temperature. At the end of such washing, the drum and the rubber part are wiped with a soft takany.

Tips for housewives to care for the washing machine

To ensure the normal functioning of the washing machine, it is important to follow certain rules for its operation.

  1. It’s not necessary that dirty linen is always inside the drum - Because of this, an unpleasant odor may appear. You need to put it there immediately before washing.
  2. In order not to shorten the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to check the pockets before sending things for washing. They may contain coins, screws and other accessories that can penetrate the holes of the drum.
  3. The perfect operation of an automatic machine requires an optimal voltage of electricity and a sufficient supply of water for washing. If in the area of ​​residence there is a constant difference in these indicators, you must carefully select the time of the procedure. If the water pressure is weak, it is better to postpone the washing time.
  4. To ensure the safety of the product in good condition, before washing, you need to separate the clothes into white and color. It is also important to consider the material and degree of contamination.
  5. If you have a long trip, it is advisable to turn off all appliances, including the washing machine. Also shut off the water supply.

Tips for loading laundry into the washing machine drum

When placing the laundry in the drum, the recommendations for maximum load must be taken into account. If you put too much linen at a time, this will negatively affect the operation of the machine and can lead to serious damage.

Important! Do not overload the washing machine by overfilling the drum with laundry. The maximum amount of wet laundry specified by the manufacturer.Excessive loading will result in engine wear, and in a situation where the drum compartment is heavily overloaded, the engine may burn out.

Try to fill the drum about 2/3 of the total volume. Otherwise, an excess of incoming water and detergents can cause malfunctions of the equipment. When laying out things, you need to alternate them in size. This layout is the key to high-quality washing.

Correct installation is the key to the perfect operation of the washing machine

The first step in caring for the washing machine is when it is installed. It is imperative that it is perfectly aligned. The construction level can help in the correct installation. You can exclude inclinations by adjusting the height of the legs. This can be done by lifting the automatic machine.

It is necessary to exclude deflection and compression of wires, inlet and drain hose. If the wire is bent, its insulation may be damaged or breakage may occur. Clamping the hoses will make it impossible for the normal flow of water and drain.


Automatic machines of different manufacturers can last from seven to ten years. In most cases, their failure is caused by the lack of proper and regular care. Proper maintenance of the washing machine, maintaining cleanliness, following all recommendations for use, can significantly increase the period of its operation.

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